Social Media

Four Easy Tips to Professional Agent Branding

It always pays to brand yourself as a professional. Buyers and Sellers all want to work with a professional, not an amateur. You can make a great first impression by having a unified image or brand across all your marketing and advertising. Here’s how:

1. Website Domain Name

The first domain name you should always own is, that is, your actual name. In many ways your name IS your brand in real estate. If your actual name is not available, try using something like or If you market exclusively to one market area try to get a name with the market area stated, such as:
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Use Facebook, Get More Leads

In order to successfully generate leads through a marketing medium, the medium needs to have the ability to target the specific market you operate in and do so in an effective manner. Let me introduce you to the wonders of marketing via Facebook.

Why Facebook?

You’re probably thinking: “Ugh! Facebook? That’s for my kids!” or perhaps: “I use that just to connect with family and friends. That can’t possibly be a good place to advertise.” I will counter with these pretty little statistics: 71% of adult internet users and 58% of the entire adult population are on Facebook. That rounds out to more than a billion people!

Let’s compare this to other social media sites:

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Why Social Media is important for your Company

Social Media is on the rise, be sure to use all of its advantages.

 1. Display Your Brand

Having a strong social media presence is a great way to build your company’s reputation. You can use this to create brand awareness, build a relationship with current clients, and drive in new clients. Now you just have to manage your business on the social media networks.
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