Boosting Your Home Sales Today

Investing in a simple facelift for your home is an extremely effective way to market your house for today’s buyers. Here are some tips to get you started Before you List As you arrange to sell your house, it is essential to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Think about what you would prefer to see in a home if you were on their side of the sale. Use websites like and for inspiration in your decorating efforts


  • assign everything to a neat little box
  • put on a yard sale
  • donate your unwanted or outdated items
  • sell your extra goods on Craigslist or Ebay
  • buy a storage spot
  • tackle some curb appeal projects like trimming, mowing, clearing sidewalks, painting
  • your home will appear bigger and brighter as you clear out all of the excess junk. Cleaning out will allow prospective buyers to see your home at its best.
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50 Ideas for Your Next Real Estate Blog Posting

Need to get inspired with your next real estate blog topic? It can be challenging to come up with new and fresh ideas for your blog posts. Here are some ideas to get inspired:

50 Topics you could write about on your Real Estate Blog

1. Energy Saving Strategies 2. Avoiding Real Estate Scams- What to watch out for to ensure an authentic sale. 3. How to Close a Deal 4. Fun Local Facts/History 5. How to Avoid Electrical Fires
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Top 10 Tips For a Successful Agent Website

After discussing the top 10 things not to do on your website last week, it is time to move onto these steps that will definitely give you a leg up on the competition. Most agents don’t put the time and effort into their website and therefore yield less than desirable results. By honing your skills and putting your focus here, you are going to make a better impression.

Things to do to create a successful website

1. Take Time for the Tagline

Think of creative taglines to make your site catchy but also relevant.

2. Use a Current Photo

One of the first things visitors look at when they visit your profile is your picture. Make sure it is an accurate representation of what you look like in order to give your customers an honest impression.
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10 Things Not to Do on Your Agent Website

With all of the different options available to customize your Agent123 website you want to make sure that you present yourself the best way you can. Often times, agents can fall into these traps thinking that they are making a good impression on potential customers. Don’t let yourself fall into these traps…

Most common mistakes agents are making on their websites

1) Outdated photos

It is best to use the most authentic photos possible. This means no high school photos or photos from ten years ago. Buyers are looking for an agent that they can trust when they make important purchase decisions. Updated photos are an extension of this honesty.
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4 Ways to Use Your Agent IDX to its Fullest Potential

With all of the options available to marketing real estate, it is no surprise that some things could be getting overlooked. As the market sees uncertain times, it is becoming increasingly important to utilize marketing strategies to their fullest potential.

Getting leads and keeping them is the most important way to maintain a substantial client base.

Our IDX solution offers a free service called Listing Alerts that helps you stay in the clients’ eye every day. Essentially, when clients visit your page to view properties they will be prompted or required to sign up for the Listing Alerts.
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3 Agent Marketing Strategies You Could be Overlooking

Good marketing is essential for any successful business. Without the right kind of marketing, a company will lose visibility among its clients and success will eventually dwindle. Since any good business needs customers to prosper, it needs an effective way to market its product or service. As an agent, it is all about how easily buyers and sellers can find out about your services.  With a good marketing strategy it is essential to maintain visibility and gain credibility with consumers. With a website, you can build visibility and make this information readily available as well as other services you may offer. Here are some essential strategies for successful real estate marketing:
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Making the Switch to Mobile – Are You Missing Out?

According to studies, Real Estate Agents are increasing their spending on technology to gain business. While we’re on the topic of online sharing, it’s becoming more apparent that the old school ways of offline real estate marketing is on its way out. A recent survey of over 2,000 real estate professionals reveals that spending on technology and technology based marketing is growing among the most successful agents.
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How Much Is That Content Worth?

With the age of social networking upon us, sharing internet content has become a staple of our lives. An interesting infographic here, a must-read article there… “sharing” really has become an incredible part of our current social culture. And while the internet is home to a seemingly endless supply of content, it’s become extremely important to know how you can use it correctly (read: without getting fined).
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