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How to Add a New Page to Your Site
Most standard agent123 template sites come equipped with 40 pages. 20 of which we supply content for to get you started. Some are editable in HTML, others are preformatted and unalterable as part of the template.  The 20 custom pages however, are yours to do with as you see fit.
Text information from other websites can but copied and pasted into the pages but images and photos must saved to your hard drive and uploaded.
After you log in to your Agent Center, Click on “Manage Pages” located at the top of the page.
Locate one of the Custom Pages from the list of pages.
Click on the “Pencil” icon to edit your new page.
The screen will refresh and the Custom Page Module will appear.
Change the following:
1. Page Menu Name: This is the link that will appear in the custom page module, so it can be renamed to anything you like. Click the green check mark ” check ” to confirm.
2. Page Menu Name: This is the link that will appear on the button in the left navigation of your site.
3. I Want To: Decide how you want your new page to display. Your choices are:
•  Edit this page manually – provides you with a blank page in which you can Add Images and Edit Text.
•  Frame URL into my Agent123 site – this option will frame into your site the link that you enter in 3.
•  Open URL in new window – this option will open in a new browser window the link that you enter in 3.
4. Page URL: Enter the link that you want to either frame into your site, or open in a new window, depending on your selection in #3.
5. Click the “check” icon to submit your changes.After the page has refreshed, click the “Visibility” checkbox of your new page. The screen will refresh again and your new page will be visible and clickable in the navigation of your site.
– Repeat this process for any number of new pages you would like to add.
– You may also apply any of the above changes to existing pages.
– Remember: You can configure these pages to appear in any order you’d like by clicking the up or down arrow keys associated to each page.

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