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Apex IDX – VIP Membership Lead Capture

  • Fully Customizable Lead Capture
  • Force sign-on after any number of searches
  • Force sign-on after any number of detail pages
  • Users can: Save Listings, Save Searches, Share Listings
  • Generates Automatic Branded Emailed Listings

Our VIP Membership is Fully Customizable! You can leave your IDX fully ‘Open’ which means a user can search all day and never submit their information to keep searching on your website (not recommended). Or they can be forced to submit their information the moment they start searching (not recommended either!). The options in the middle generate the most leads from your IDX.

For Instance, you can set our ApexIDX to allow users to do a search and look at all the results they want. The instant they start a second search, or modify the first search, the offer to join your ‘VIP Membership” on your website will pop up and they must provide their information to continue.

Another method, and our most recommended is to allow them to do a search, see two to three details pages of homes they are interested, then make them provide you a lead. This method through scientific live testing provides the most high-quality leads for our Clients that are marketing their websites and driving traffic to them.

In addition, the Contact Forms, and Share forms all generate a lead from your visitors to use. Your Users will appreciate the ability to email a listing to a spouse or share a listing on Facebook. With our ApexIDX’s VIP Membership system, you can offer greater service and generate more leads to your real estate website for agents and offices.

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  • Lead Capture to get more leads
  • Automatic Branded Emailed Listings
  • Sign in using Facebook

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