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How to use the term ‘REALTOR®’ In Your Domain And Email Address

Real estate professionals registered with the National Association of REALTORS(NAR) often use the REALTOR® marks in their domain names and email addresses to distinguish themselves from other real estate licenses. The term REALTOR® is a federally protected trademark owned by…


10 Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas & Trends 2021

The secret to success in real estate investment lies in keeping up with customers’ evolving needs and the latest marketing trends. But putting real estate services in front of the right audience can be quite challenging. Thankfully, a few proven…


The Ultimate Guide to Become the Go-to Agent in Your Neighborhood

What does it take to become the favorite real estate agent in your neighborhood? Thanks, you asked. Getting the most out of marketing for real estate agents cannot be easier with an effective neighborhood website that offers comprehensive information about…


Are You Thinking of Quitting Real Estate? Think Twice

Most of us invest our time and money in the best real estate school. But imagine putting all that effort into receiving a license and joining a brokerage, only to quit late. Although real estate is a flourishing industry, its…


The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Real Estate Leads Aren’t Converting

Your website is absolutely booming, and you have new leads coming through left and right. So…why aren’t any of these leads following through? Why does communication stop? And most importantly, why are none of these leads turning into walkthroughs of…

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