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Image quality can make or break your website. The images are the first element of a site that visitors notice. Make a good first impression!

#1 Use the RIGHT Images!

Use images to tell your story. The imagery on your site should match your personality and the services that you offer.

#2 Image Size Does Matter!

Make sure your images are in the correct format for your website and create the optimal balance between image quality and file size.

  • If the resolution of an image is too high, it will take longer to load. It does not matter how high quality an image is on your site if visitors won’t wait long enough to view it.
  • If the image resolution is too low, the images will distort and make your site look less professional overall.

#3 Name Your Images for Power!

Label your image files with names pertaining to the image subject matter. Fill out all of the fields that are prompted when uploading an image on your website. This will be three minutes of your time well spent. Proper descriptions will help search engines identify images on your website.