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With all of the options available to marketing real estate, it is no surprise that some things could be getting overlooked. As the market sees uncertain times, it is becoming increasingly important to utilize marketing strategies to their fullest potential.

Getting leads and keeping them is the most important way to maintain a substantial client base.

Our IDX solution offers a free service called Listing Alerts that helps you stay in the clients’ eye every day. Essentially, when clients visit your page to view properties they will be prompted or required to sign up for the Listing Alerts.

Listing Alerts is a daily email marketing feature that sends daily or weekly emails directly to your customer based on the search criteria that they entered for properties. The alerts will be branded to your name and linked to your web page and will allow you to stay in constant contact with your customer.

There are 4 ways to capture leads using our IDX..

1)      Force customers to sign up for Listing Alerts before they can look at any property results or property details page

2)      Allow customers to see the results criteria page but not property specifics until they sign up

3)      Allow customers to see the property details page a pre-set number of times before having to sign up

4)      Make it optional to sign up for Listing Alerts, allowing visitors to see all property pages without signing up and if they want to sign up they still can.

We also encourage agents to be active and sign up clients themselves to ensure constant contact and sales potential. So ask yourself, are you using your IDX to its fullest potential?