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Need to get inspired with your next real estate blog topic? It can be challenging to come up with new and fresh ideas for your blog posts. Here are some ideas to get inspired:

50 Topics you could write about on your Real Estate Blog

1. Energy Saving Strategies

2. Avoiding Real Estate Scams- What to watch out for to ensure an authentic sale.

3. How to Close a Deal

4. Fun Local Facts/History

5. How to Avoid Electrical Fires

6. Curb Appeal- Giving your house a good first impression

7. Local Events

8. Most Effective/Valuable Selling Points- What makes your house valuable to buyers?

9. Unique Small Businesses in Town

10. Agent Success Stories

11. Cost of Living in your Town

12. Design Styles for Your Open House

13. Interesting Local Getaways

14. How to Get Involved In a New Community

15. Child Safety Strategies

16. Fencing – Keeping your property secure- different options for different occasions

17. Homeowner’s Association

18. Having a Pool- Cleaning tips and safety strategies

19. How you You Know Your Agent is Right for You

20. Tips for New Homeowners

21. Dining Guide- All the best local restaurants

22. Handling New Neighbors- How to create a great first impression in your neighborhood.

23. Giving Back to the Community- Different local volunteer opportunities.

24. Best Local Museums

25. Good Real Estate Magazines

26. Jobs Available in Town

27. Common Maintenance Tasks you Could Be Forgetting on Your House

28. Increasing the Value of Your Home

29. Navigating the Home Buying Process

30. Handling Even the Toughest Clients

31. Indoor/Outdoor Painting Tips

32. Seasons of your Town- Does it snow in the winter? What do people do during the summer?

33. Reviews of Different Local Schools

34. Local Politicians and Officials- Who’s in charge?

35. Professional Network- List of good doctors/dentists/etc

36. Tidy Up- Tips on keeping your house clean and organized

37. Best Ways to Entertain Guests

38. Looking to Get Away?-Tips for good vacation homes

39. All About Pets- Homes/Apts that allow pets, vets, parks, trails for your furry friend

40. Nanny/Daycare Services

41. Just Do it!- Exercise clubs/ways to stay active in your community

42. Your Most Memorable Story in Real Estate

43. Top Dollar Homes in the Area

44. Tax Programs for Home Buying

45. Different Types of Mortgages

46. Your Newest Listing- Feature and new and interesting listings

47. Green Living- Ways to reduce your carbon footprint

48. Churches in the Area

49. Ways to Make Buying a Home Hassle Free

50. Have Fun With It- Share your own personal experiences or real estate jokes to keep it interesting and light.

There is always something that is interesting to write about. Set yourself apart and challenge yourself to write about topics that you think would appeal most to your clients. Keep your readers coming back!

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