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Be honest with me…

Is your real estate website stuck in the early 2000s?  How dated does your site look and feel?  Does the page format correctly on a phone?  Can people find you with a quick Google search?

Simply having a web presence in 2016 is not enoughyou have to engage your visitors, providing them with detail and clarity, in the interest of shaping a conversation that drives the colossal decision to buy or sell.  You’re a real estate agent, not a web developer, so how do you cut through the noise and make your site work for you?  Let RealtyTech share some secrets with you…

Content is King

Want a strong online presence? Then you need content.  Pictures, videos, blog features, galleries, interactive maps – all absolutely imperative to flesh out your site, improving your organic rank on search engines.    Feature your breath-taking exteriors and stunning interiors; flaunt the type of properties you are proud to represent.  Consumers would rather see the quality of your brand instead of reading verbose descriptions…so here’s your chance to visually humble brag as an agent.

Why You?

Your site needs to demonstrate to prospective clients why they should trust you as an agent. This is why your niche, expertise, testimonials, and work history need to be summed up in a personal brand.  Create a cohesive tapestry of consistent interfaces, colors, images, and logos that manifest you as the consummate market expert.

IDX, Front and Center

Potential customers that end up on your site want to see current listings. Give them an intuitive, full -featured, filtered IDX search portal right on your homepage so they can get a feel for the market.  Prospects love the idea of being educated and empowered with local listing information – help them help you as an agent.

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Show Me the Locale

There’s more to a market than just homes, tracks, lots, square footage, features, etc. Sell the lifestyle on your site; showcase the local attractions, the hangouts, the parks, the restaurants, and the schools.  Providing an inside look into the different communities you service positions you as a seasoned local expert with roots in the ground.

Homes on the Go

Mobile devices are the first entry point for the majority of your clients’ primary home searches. A staggering 40% of the 240 million visitors to real estate websites in the last year originated from a mobile device.  Your website needs to format, read, and work properly on mobile devices or you will lose potential clients to an agent with a more efficient modern site.

Custom Lead Capture

Want to turn more prospective clients into actual deals? Provide a custom lead capture that sources client information in exchange for free resources that empower and drive purchase or sale decisions. Targeting clients based upon their intent and providing them with industry knowledge and personalized details ensures you look like a professional with your finger on the pulse.