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This is a great way to enhance your neighborhood area or farm marketing. If you are currently farming a specific area and are not incorporating a digital aspect, read on. If you are contemplating starting a new farm, then include these tips to generate more listings.


1. Get an Attractive Mobile Responsive Website and IDX: A nice-looking real estate website with lead capture functionality is paramount to your success. Make sure it works well on Mobile devices, has automated Listing Alerts and built in lead capture. A key component is a Polygon Search Tool in the IDX. With this search tool you can carve out your farm area and highlight that market on your website with its own page(s) and SEO.


2. Have a Client Relationship Management System (CRM): Get a CRM in place that you populate with all your prospects, past Clients and incoming leads. Automation is the key and a CRM helps you conserve your most important resource, your time. Make sure you create a separate bucket of Neighborhood owners to track.


3. Localize and SEO Optimize Your Website for Your Farm: As stated in Number 1 above, add unique content about your farm to your website. Create a custom search to show all listed and SOLD properties in your farm. Such detailed information for a relatively small area will allow your website to rank very high on search engines for that area. If your farm area has a familiar name such as “Waverly Estates” then people who search for home and info in that area will find your site and YOU.


4. Engage Your Farm Area: When you walk your farm, announce your website and its great super local info about their neighborhood. Put other community information in there that they would find interesting. Tell them you can send them listings in their area as soon as homes come on the market. Tell them you can send them SOLD home info as well.


Neighbors are naturally nosy and love to know what’s happening in their area.  By engaging them with your content, website and knowledge, they will think of you first when it comes time to selling their homes.


Author’s Note: This really works. I personally farmed extensively when I was an agent back in the day. It took six long months of work for me to get my first farm specific listing, but after that happened the floodgates broke and I became the top listing agent in our market leading office.