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Remember those L’Oreal commercials that had a pretty actress that would say, “Don’t hate me because I’m Beautiful.” And then lots of slow motion video of her hair looking great?

Well, this post has NOTHING to do with that.

I only ask, “Don’t hate me if I speak the truth about being a successful real estate agent.”

Now you can go to one of our $1,000 seminars and learn the technology of real estate, the tools of real estate, how to utilize a website and IDX to make MONEY and all of that. But the bottom line for success in real estate is something that only about 20% of agents ever seem to fully understand.

The top 10 to 20% of agents have all quietly figured this out and they simply do it with little or no fanfare. Maybe that is why this group generates 80 to 90% of the revenue in real estate.

So what do they know and do that most don’t?

The Answer: The top agents simply do that which other agents won’t do. They do that which is hard and uncomfortable. They are willing to sacrifice the little things to put off instant gratification to earn a result that they desire. They commit to hard work, plain and simple. There are no real shortcuts.

Most agents are not like this. Most agents fear uncomfortable situations, fear prospecting, fear farming, fear speaking to strangers, fear networking with the right people, fear rejection, fear failure, etc, etc, etc. Sound familiar? Of course it does, we ALL fear these things.

So the top 10% of agents must not fear these things. They were born with more courage and confidence than us, which must be it right? Wrong. They were all just as fearful and un-confident as the 80% of agents that don’t reach their true potential.

These top agents have earned the right to be big earners with many awards and accolades. These people have built their confidence by being courageous day in and day out. They put themselves out there for rejection continually. They stumbled through their presentations again and again, until they perfected them. They held open houses that were failures but they kept going.

Their desire to succeed surpassed their desire to stay comfortable, to look cool, and to not be rejected.
When your desire to succeed is as strong as your desire to breathe, you will not fail; it is impossible for you to not become a top agent.

When you realize you must do all the things you fear to be successful, it becomes easy. Hard work and repetition will get you there.

Do the hard work that others will not do, and you will eventually win. Do the work, put in the groundwork, the miles, the prospecting every single day, and it WILL happen for you.

What about Tech Tools?

The same goes for your technology tools. Our top agents started with no online presence on the search engines, but they worked on it or hired us to market them online and eventually built their own personal brand and generated their own book of business both on and off line.