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Get 55% more real estate leads by blogging on your website!

Blogging is crucial to drawing and keeping incoming traffic on your real estate website. Learn 5 tips to build a better blog that will get you more clients.

Real estate blogs use to be a nice way of building trust and maintaining credibility and visibility with current and potential buyers. Now, they are a requirement to draw traffic and leads to your website.

Having a website does not distinguish you from the herd of other real estate agents in your area. And God forbid your website is even slightly outdated or slow to load. Both of these can turn your potential clients off from your website, never to return.

Why Blogs Work

Blogging allows you to create a dialog between you and your clients, and acts as a consistent reminder that you are a knowledgeable and professional real estate agent available to your clients.

Even better: Google loves blogs because content is updated frequently and you can tailor blogs to have a more diverse, and larger range of SEO, drawing more traffic to you and your site than you would normally have gotten with just your website.

Blogs enable potential clients to subscribe so they can receive updates whenever you publish a new post which acts as free advertising for you and your company.

How to Build A Better Blog

  • Consistency is key!

    To have a truly effective blog, you should post at least once or twice a week. This will keep your site fresh and invigorated each week with new SEO tags and will rank you higher in Google ratings.

  • Fresh, original content.

    If you are writing about what everyone else is writing about, you’re not distinguishing yourself in peoples’ minds. The content is what attracts people to your site, and it’s the content that keeps people coming back. Discuss niche subjects tailored for your area. This way, you’re targeting people who have the potential for being your clients.

  • Be informative and helpful.

    Ultimately, you want your blog to be a resource so people look to you as an expert in your field. Take the time to do your research. Do not use your blog as blatant self-advertisement or to hard sell people into working with you. People will see right through that and won’t work with you because they don’t trust you. Take the time to build the online community’s trust.

  • Make each post a landing page.

    A landing page is a web page that has multiple links to other pages on the website. Creating hyperlinks on each blog post that links to more content on your site will maximize your potential of converting incoming blog traffic to leads.

  • Maximize your SEO.

    Most blog sites allow for detailed customization of each blog post’s SEO. This is crucial for getting your blog ranked higher and noticed by people searching on the internet. Take the time to check every detail of your post to exploit your post’s potential for SEO. Check the link, title, page snippet, tags, Meta tags, and keywords for optimum SEO performance.

An informative blog can draw more traffic to your site

It’s important that you have a well-kept website that makes it easy for potential clients to navigate, but to get people to your site in the first place you need to maintain a blog with a fresh and informative perspective. It takes consistent management, but your blog will maximize your online presence and potential and can get you 55% more leads for your real estate business.