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New Google Rules for Real Estate Agent Website Ranking: Panda 4.0

Recently Google launched their latest rules for website ranking, this one called Panda 4.0. As with Panda algorithms in the past, Panda 4.0 relies on unique content as a major reason your website will rank well.

With all else being equal, Agent websites with unique content do better than those that don’t have unique content. Panda 4.0 takes it further with an even greater emphasis on:


What is localization? It is the process of making your website focus on a niche market: A neighborhood, Housing tract, or even a small town, or part of a larger town or city.

Sites that generalize their expertise, such as tout they cover ‘All of Southern California’ will tend to be dropped lower in the search results, while sites that specialize in a smaller niche market or online farming area, if they contain unique content for that area, will do much better.

The first step is to put a stake in the sand with your ‘farm’ or best area you know the most about and win there. Create unique content for your area; add multiple articles on the area, on its benefits, its schools, its lifestyle, and its real estate market. Do that and your site will start to perform well? Yes!

So what is a Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Office to do it they have multiple areas of expertise? Do nothing? No. Start with the first real estate website, get results, then, and build more sites. That’s right, have multiple sites, each one concentrates on one of your key markets.

At RealtyTech Inc. we have many agents doing just that. More than one of our Clients have over 5 sites with us, each designed to win in a niche market, and it is working.  Think about it, if you do the work yourself to update the sites, you are only paying between $39 and $59/month per site. If those targeted sites each bring in a, extra two deals per month, the return on your time and investment is awesome.

The key here is to start today to localize your first site, make it have a purpose, see the results and take it from there.