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A Website As Fresh As the Other Side of the Pillow

It’s 2016 and business has been booming. You upgraded to a larger office across town. You’ve worked on several high profile real estate transactions. And, you’ve even hired several agents to work under your roof.

But, when was the last time you bothered to update your website? What about just basic information?

Have trouble remembering? That’s way too long! We live in a society where information is constantly being updated and disseminated. Your website needs to keep up with the demands of your consumers. And more importantly, your website needs to stay fresh to rank higher in search engines and draw more traffic to your site.

Here are 5 things to update immediately on your website:

1. Update Your Contact Information

Providing your contact information is the most fundamental purpose of your website (and really any of your online marketing tools) and if it’s not up-to-date, you are missing out on potential clients. As we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, people are not going to jump through hoops to work with you – they’ll just move on to another easier to reach agent.

Check that your phone and fax numbers, email, address, and links to your social media sites are all up-to-date and working. You should do this for any social media sites you are on as well. Having outdated information on any of your sites is just a waste of your time and energy.

2. Freshen Up Your Personal Brand

People can tell if your agent photo was taken back in the 90’s, shoulder pads and all. Don’t make this mistake and frequently update your agent photos. Take the time to have your hair and makeup done; wear a clean, modern suit; and have your photo taken by a professional. Your image is a huge part of your branding and you want to ensure you are sending the right message.

In addition to your agent photos, take a look at your personal logo. If you recently changed your logo make sure that your site and social media accounts all have the new logo and branding.

If you don’t have a logo, and personal brand, you should invest in one. People are more likely to remember and respond to a brand than anything else. What do you think of when you see anything red with silver cursive? You’re probably going to think of Coca-Cola. It’s a fairly basic idea but that’s why people remember it.

3. Add New Visual Content

I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again: people are visual creatures! Entertain and intrigue the masses with visual content. If you already have images and videos on your site, remove some of your dated content and revamp your site with stunningly beautiful images and videos of properties you’ve worked on in the past or are working on currently. Make sure to do this often. New content, especially visual will help you rank higher in search engines and increase the traffic to your site.

Much like your personal agent photo, make sure that these photos and videos are professionally done. If your site allows it, keep all your videos on your site rather than redirecting people to YouTube. The longer you can keep consumers interested in you, the more likely people will reach out to you to work with.

4. Revise Your Written Content and Pages

Beyond being a way to learn and reach out to you, your website is a resource for potential clients. The more useful you are to consumers, the more they will want to work with you.

Make sure that you update your written content for your site’s pages. If you have information on a specific housing development or just about yourself and your agents, make sure all the information is accurate and current. If you added a new, or removed, an area to your territory you should adjust the pages on your site accordingly.

Also take a look at your site’s SEO. Are your tags and meta-tags accurate and effective for the audience you are trying to reach? Spend some time dialing in your SEO to maximize the utility of your online presence.

I strongly recommend getting another party to take a look at your site and check it for ease of use. Rearranging, adding, or deleting pages on your site is a really wonderful way to completely revamp your site. Don’t forget: if people struggle to navigate your site, they will quickly move onto another site.

5. Blog And Blog Often

We’ve blogged about the importance of blogging before so I won’t get into too much here. Make sure you content is a useful and unique resource to consumers because they will be far more likely to work with you if they already feel that you are an invaluable resource and agent to work with.

The moral of the story is blogging frequently helps you rank significantly higher in search engines and gets you 55% more leads than websites without a blog.
Your website is oftentimes the first introduction potential clients have with you. Make sure you are maximizing your website as much as possible with current content and information.

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