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In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, it’s important that realtors distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack. Focusing on localization and strengthening your local SEO, or search engine optimization, will increase the likelihood you will be noticed and chosen to work with.

Focus on SEO and Localization

As a realtor, it’s all about “location, location, location,” you are wasting your time, energy, and resources if you are not being seen by consumers in your territory.

If you market and optimize yourself correctly and effectively, you will have far more online exposure and presence online.

Tips To Increase Your Localization

  1. Tags and Meta-Tags

Understanding how SEO works is crucial to increasing the likelihood people will see and visit your site. Looking at and adjusting tags and meta-tags, as well as your site’s title and snippet, to contain keywords relevant for your territory will make it easier for online users to see your site in searches relevant for homes in your areas.

  1. Write Content Regularly

Regular changes to your site’s content are critical to moving up the ranks in Google and other search engines. And writing locally relevant and informative content will draw more local traffic to your site on a regular basis. This has the added benefit of showing visitors that you are a knowledgeable resource and real estate agent to work with.

Studies show that 66% of sellers (and one would presume buyers as well) hire the very first agent they interview. Therefore, by showing potential clients that you are helpful, they will most likely call and work with you first, before any of your competitors.

We’ve discussed in previous blogs the importance of blogging and other content on your site. Check those out to learn more.

  1. Incorporate Community Pages and Links

Create custom pages with information and listings for specific areas. Doing this allows you to draw a very specific clientele to your site that you would not have normally attracted. For example, potential clients who want to buy million dollar homes in Beverly Hills, can be directed to your site’s page where they can look up homes in that price range in that area.

Having pages like this also improves the likelihood that users will turn into your clients because you are already a useful resource before ever meeting.

Learn More

Our Webinar

Please join us Thursday, September 8th, 9:00 a.m. (PST) to learn more on the importance of localization and your real estate business. The main topics we will discuss include:

  • Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines and Visitors
  • Drawing More Traffic To Your Site
  • Converting Your Site Traffic To Leads