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Creating geo targeted pages is one of the most important updates you can make to your website. A geo targeted page goes into detail about a geographical area, this could be a valley, city, zip code, tract or a neighborhood. For optimization purposes you want to write original content that is useful, knowledgeable and educational to your clients who are interested in finding a home in the specific area.

Meta Tags

The second step is to update your meta tags (keywords, titles and description) with words and phrases that are relatable to the content that is on the page. If you are writing a page about Woodland Hills then you will want to have “Search Thousands of Woodland Hills Homes for Sale” or “Best Woodland Hills Real Estate Agent Sally Realtor for All Your Real Estate Needs.” or something similar to for the page title.


To keep people on pages for longer you want to have something for people to see visually, this is best done by a few pictures or a short video of the neighborhood. Images will give your clients a better feel of what the area really looks like where as videos on average will increase the duration people spend on that page by 800%.


The only thing you are missing now is how to get them to become a lead, the best way to do this is to have a custom IDX link that they can use either at the bottom of the page or linked somewhere within the information. If you tell them about how wonderful this neighborhood is they are going to want to see the homes that are available within that area. With RealtyTech’s IDX123 you have the ability to create links to your exact specification, by either city, zip code, tract codes or drawing on a map with our polygon tool!