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Our new IDX has some of the old features and some new ones too. Here are just a few:

iGoIDX is a mobile web platform that provides clients direct access to our mobile friendly IDX (Internet Data Exchange). iGoIDX is accessible to your clients, anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. The best thing about iGoIDX is that they provide an optimized user experience for mobile users without having to download any apps. iGoIDX also provides direct access to the most important property details and relevant listings right in the user’s desired area. Complete with the Live GPS search feature, iGoIDX provides clients the ability to search listings near their current location, bringing them that much closer to their dream home.

As a realtor, getting leads and keeping them is the most important way to maintain a substantial client base. Our IDX solution offers a free service called Listing Alerts that helps you stay in the clients’ eye every day. Essentially, when clients visit your page to view properties they will be prompted or required to sign up for the Listing Alerts. Listing Alerts is a daily email marketing feature that sends daily or weekly emails directly to your customer based on the search criteria that they entered for properties. The alerts will be branded to your name and linked to your web page and will allow you to stay in constant contact with your customer.

The ease of immediate, no frills access to search homes on mobile devices makes it easier for clients to navigate appropriate properties front and center. iGoIDX also allows users to sign up for free email listing alerts when desired properties become available as well as one-click contact points to ask questions or book listing appointments.

When adding a custom link to your page to give your clients that feeling of you personally picking their home for them. All you have to do is go to your custom link center and fill in the blanks and select the right search criteria and bam you have a personalized search widget that your clients can use to find just the right home that they are looking for.