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While Senior Director of®, I saw firsthand how important the real estate search system is for Consumer engagement in an Agent or Office. A bad tedious search meant a fast exit of millions of visitors from the site,” said Richard Uzelac, CEO of RealtyTech Inc. “Removing steps in the search and making it very intuitive will pay huge dividends to our valued RealtyTech Clients, and better serve their IDX users.”


Additionally, home-buyers respond very positively to images online. The new IDX will feature the largest images that can be provided by the MLS coupled with a user-friendly image slider to grab the users’ attention and guide them to a controllable lead capture system.


Social media is often acknowledged yet underutilized in the real estate industry. Social Sharing functionality will be integrated into the new IDX design that will allow users to share listings to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin directly from the search results pages.