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“Today’s Real Estate professional is more sophisticated, educated and technically savvy than ever before, and so are their clients,” said RealtyTech President Richard Uzelac. “Online branding and reputations are very important to agents and brokers to build image and trust in the public eye. We have decided to drop entry level products and services that don’t meet the highest expectations of Real Estate professionals and their clients,” Mr. Uzelac added.

“Agents today face stiff competition online for their services. They have an opportunity to make that all important good first impression with our premium suite of products, and then support that impression with top shelf services that help our clients separate themselves from the average agent,” he concluded.

In addition, RealtyTech will be updating their Premium IDX123 home search system with larger images and a more beautiful display of the entire certified MLS listings on each agent website.

Senior Account executive Lance Grove added, “I’m in the field every day working with agents and offices to help them build the correct brand and reputation online. We work with the active agents that are driven to succeed in their businesses. They need all the firepower they can get and we can only provide that with the premium line of products and online marketing packages.