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Richard Uzelac, Author, CEO of both RealtyTech Inc. and GoMarketing Inc, and Emmy Award Winning Network Television Branding Producer Offers Expert Practical Strategy and Positioning for the Real Estate Industry. Richard Uzelac has five actionable tips that agents need to follow.

Richard Uzelac, CEO of RealtyTech Inc, wants agents and agencies to modify how they interact with potential buyers and sellers on social media platforms.

“Have you ever connected with someone on Social Media and the first message you get from them is a canned sales pitch? Isn’t it frustrating and put-offish? Well, if YOU don’t like it, make sure you aren’t doing the same thing to your followers and groups,” said Richard Uzelac.

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“Social Media is here to stay, it is now part of the fabric of human existences. Odds are you are here to stay as well, as an agent or part of an office. So what’s the hurry? , asks Richard Uzelac.

“I see way too many Realtors on social media going for the big kill and ask for the listing of the sale before they even know who they are addressing, ” Richard Uzelac said. “How about changing your approach and building a brand and perception online, slowly over time before, if every asking for business? By giving value rather than asking for business is the best way to build your ‘Social Brand,” Uzelac added. ” For Example, rather than brag about your production or tell them the market is ‘hot’, inform them about new restaurants in town, a new YMCA opening in the fall or a new town ordinance that allows granny-flats to be built on residential properties,” Richard Uzelac suggested.

Here are Richard Uzelac’s Five Tips for Building a Strong Social Media Brand:

1. Stay Hyper Focused on your local market, refrain from offering generic real estate info.
For Example, describing the real estate market nationally if of little value.

2. Offer Local Information that is of value to local residents, buyers and sellers. Be especially cognizant of providing good quality information for local residents so they look forward to seeing what you have to say, even if they are not YET in the market to buy or sell.

3. Offer Information about your local market that is helpful for potential agent referrals. Out of state Agents want to connect with local experts. Make sure they understand that you are that expert.

4. Comment on local market trends and conditions, and ask for feedback. Requesting your followers and friends for feedback is great for creating a conversation that will brand you as the helpful knowledgeable agent you are.

5. Tailor your content for the platform you are working on. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have different displays and techniques. Learn these platforms to provide the same content slightly altered to get the most out of your branding efforts.

6. Make your posts in all possible ways including: written word, audio and video. Different people respond to different formats, open yourself to all of these opportunities for getting your brand out there.

“Consistently offering valuable information is a great way to build value in your brand. Where most shy away for pushy sales pitches, most everyone will gravitate to a local professional that offers great info, advice and knowledge. Let that become your brand,” said Richard Uzelac.

About Richard Uzelac:

Richard Uzelac has been in the real estate business for over thirty years. He started as an agent in New Jersey then office owner in California to real estate technology leader. Richard Uzelac was the Senior Director of before starting RealtyTech Inc. in 2002. Richard has given thousands of presentations and talks on real estate technology. Richard Uzelac is available as a Speaker and Consultant for Franchises, Offices and Agents. Contact Richard Uzelac at 805.413.7888

About RealtyTech:

Richard Uzelac’s RealtyTech Inc was create in 2002. Since that time RealtyTech has helped thousands of Agents and Offices to build strong brands and online presences to enhance their real estate businesses. RealtyTech specializes is WebsitesIDX, and Internet Marketing/Advertising for the Real Estate Industry. Contact RealtyTech Inc. at 805-413-7888 for more information.