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 Richard Uzelac is Available to Teach Agents, Office Managers and Real Estate Companies How to Generate More Leads Online

Richard Uzelac’s Top Five Areas  of Lead Generation  for Real Estate Agents

1.  Geo-Targeted Custom Market Pages with IDX Integration:

Richard Uzelac's Lead Generation Class

Richard Uzelac’s Lead Generation Class

“Realtors are missing the boat big time if they do not create Custom Market pages for their websites. Market pages can rank highly on Google. Visitors will quickly understand you are the expert in your market areas due to the well constructed market/neighborhood/area pages on your website. The worst thing you can do is look generic on your personal website.  We will show you how to create winning market pages utilizing your full featured IDX system and quality content and images,” says Richard Uzelac.


2. Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“If it was easy, it wouldn’t be cool,”  Richard Uzelac’s former guitar teacher to his frustrated pupil.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of adding content, meta-tags, and building your website so that it shows up high on Google (and other search engines) when someone is searching for real estate online in your target market areas. “The big issue here is getting agents to fully commit to smaller market segments for their websites. Everyone says they can ‘sell anywhere’ but ranking well for ‘anywhere’ gets you nowhere,” Richard Uzelac said.

3. Website Landing Pages for Online Advertisements and Social Media Marketing

Google and Facebook Advertising can be quite lucrative for real estate agents. The main issue is once you send someone to your site is, can you keep them there long enough to contact you, give

Real Estate Market Snapshot

Custom Market Pages and Information

you a lead and sales opportunity. The days of sending people to your homepage are over. “You need to drive your targeted traffic from your targeted advertisement or targeted social media post, to your targeted landing page,” advises Richard Uzelac.

4. Proactively Using Website Listing Alerts

“I have never seen more agents make more money so passively than those who commit to signing up everyone they meet to automated listing alerts. The key is to get to fifty or more signups. Once agents build this critical mass of alerts going out 365 days per year, sales happen. It’s just a numbers game. Imagine fifty branded emails going out with new live real estate listing info for every prospect, closed Client, and home seller you know? We will teach you how to do this, said Richard Uzelac


5. Real Estate Blogging for Your Market Area


To the non-blogger, blogging must seem futile. Why spend all that time writing blogs and posting to your website? What happens? Google happens! Over 80% of Google page one results are informational or answer a question of the Google searcher. If you write unique blogs CORRECTLY, then you can be one of those page one results, driving traffic to your phone or website. There is technique required in blogging that we will teach you.  Richard Uzelac says, “A great blogger generates great traffic and business through their writing.”


About Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac Real Estate Consultant Portrait

Richard Uzelac Real Estate Consultant

Richard Uzelac has spent over 30 years in the Real Estate industry. The first twelve years of his career in the  real estate profession was as an agent and then as a real estate business owner. The last seventeen years he has been at the cutting edge of Real Estate technology. Richard Uzelac is passionate about teaching agents to win online. He has help thousands of agents enjoy more website visits, more IDX signups (Listing Alerts), Calls and Sales b using their website and IDX proactively. He has given thousands of presentations to help agents be more successful. Let him help you or your company to be more successful this year!

Richard Uzelac at

Richard Uzelac started his real estate technology career working for Homestore (now Move Inc.). Richard became the Senior Director Of Production for all of the Homestore vertical businesses including, ,,, and  Mr. Uzelac’s main focus was the improvement of, at the time Richard Uzelac took over the design, development and online marketing of the site, was the most powerful  real estate website with twenty million visitors per month.

Mr. Uzelac and his team of eighty-five direct reports concentrated on driving more leads to agents.  Upon taking the reins of the website, the site required a visitor to click on either nine or eleven pages before they could contact a Realtor! This was crazy. Richard Uzelac redesigned the user interface with his team and reduced the clicks required to just five pages before a visitor could actually see and contact a Realtor. Leads to Realtors went up between 300 and 500% over the old interface.  Richard Uzelac introduced the concept of the “Featured Agent” to the website in 2001 which generated an extra $50 Million in revenue in 2001.  Mr. Uzelac also increased the leads to home builders on the website by 500% during his tenure with Homestore Inc. “Working at and was a wonderful learning and growing experience! The team was wonderful and bright and we accomplished many powerful game changing goals for the company,”  said Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac Creates RealtyTech Inc.

In 2002, Richard Uzelac left to start his own company, RealtyTech Inc.  The goal was to build the best real estate websites and IDX systems for agents and offices. After two years of development Richard Uzelac and the RealtyTech team launched the first generation of Agent123 Websites,  IDX123 MLS Search systems, and Success Marketing Packages. Since then RealtyTech has built over 10,000 real estate websites for agents all over the United States. “RealtyTech was and will always be a company based upon the philosophy of offering great products and services at reasonable prices for real estate professionals. Over these many years our client loyalty rate is second to none. This is a testament to both our product engineering and our amazing customer care team,” said Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac has given presentations, speeches and served on countless panel discussions. Richard Uzelac is available for Consulting  Speaking, Panel Discussions and as a member of Boards of Directors. Richard Uzelac can be contacted at his office: 805-413-7893