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Real Estate CRMs for Lead Generation For Modern Real Estate Professionals

“At RealtyTech, Inc. we believe in helping real estate professionals work smarter–not harder. Even though RealtyTech  hasn’t offered Real Estate CRMs, for over 15 years, our web developers and designers have provided intense integration of various CRMs in to our product line. We believe this gives us a unique perspective on the subject, said Richard Uzelac CEO of RealtyTech Inc.

“With Millennials becoming a more prominent demographic as first-time buyers and real estate investors, it remains crucial for the professionals working within this industry to keep up with the evolution of digital demands and remain available across multiple platforms–whether through online listings, virtual tours, digital appointments, and more. For new and well-seasoned real estate agents and brokers, ask yourself how you can reach these emerging audiences in new and innovative ways,” said Uzelac.

One simple solution for keeping in touch with past and current real estate clients is by utilizing or upgrading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. In this article, we’ll go over what exactly a real estate CRM solution can accomplish and how it can grow overall revenue and ROI. Let’s get started!

A Closer Look At Using CRMs For Real Estate Agents

“In short, CRM software solutions are digital, cloud-based tools specifically designed to allow professionals to manage their business effectively and dynamically using just one platform. Real Estate CRM solutions geared towards real estate agents and brokers are especially helpful because they make accessing data easy from anywhere–whether you’re in the office or out in the field. Software packages offer various features. In general, though, you can expect the following from most CRM solutions on the market: lead and client management, campaign tracking and analytics, contact storage, document and contract access, synchronized calendars, and trend alerts via various real estate lead websites,” Uzelac states.

A smiling couple looks at a laptop enjoying Real Estate CRMs Software For Real Estate Agents

Richard Uzelac, CEO of RealtyTech Inc. sheds light on the importance of CRMs for Real Estate Agents.

“The bottom line is that any Real Estate CRMs will help your real estate team with prioritizing the right communications at the right stage of the sales funnel and managing time and workflow–all while offering automated yet customized messaging that is more likely to convert past, current, and potential clients. Let’s have a closer look at some common CRM software features,” Uzelac added.

Six Key Attributes Needed for  Real Estate CRMs:

» Desktop + Mobile Access:

This makes contact information and other documents available around-the-clock, which allows real estate professionals and brokers to respond to clients promptly–even when they’re on-the-go in the field.

» Data, Analytics, + Contact Information:

In such a fast-paced industry like real estate, it’s important for information to not just be readily available but also easy-to-access. A CRM system provides digital cloud storage for contacts, campaigns, as well as useful metrics for tracking your email/SMS marketing efforts.

» Upload Contracts + Transactions:

In relation to storing information and generating data, CRM software is a comprehensive tool that allows you to upload important documents pertaining to each client–such as contracts and transactions. This allows agents and brokers to manage deadlines and streamline their overall workflow–all in one place.

» Organize Current + Future Leads:

In the world of real estate, having multiple leads at once is a good problem to have, but it’s important to remember that timing and messaging are crucial for converting leads into clients. A CRM system will allow you to track what various stages of the sales funnel your pool of leads are in, so you can respond accordingly.

» Digital Campaign Tracking:

Whether your real estate team is running a social media or email drip campaign (or both), CRM software will produce metrics that will allow you to see which tactics are performing well. This also provides the opportunity for A/B testing, which will refine your brokerage’s approach to reaching your target audience(s).

» Integrate Listings + Remain Relevant:

More and more potential buyers are perusing online platforms like Trulia, Zillow, and to look at listings in this area. Most CRM software give you the option to integrate multiple sites into your system, so you can manage all of your listings in one place.

How Real Estate CRM Software Can Benefit Real Estate Professionals

Now that we’ve reviewed all of the key features of real estate CRM software, let’s go over the direct benefits this digital tool can provide your team of professionals and brokers!

» Keeps Your Team Organized + Information Easily Accessible:

Any successful real estate professional is going to handle multiple digital streams of lead generation, including but not limited to:

A CRM software will integrate all of these strategies on one platform accessible on multiple interfaces (desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile device), freeing up agents’ time for closing deals and directly communicating with clients at open houses, seminars, or other events.

» Automation + Personalized Messaging + Faster Response Times:

With mobile technology at our fingertips, more and more buyers are expecting faster response times from real estate professionals. Also keep in mind that the faster you respond to potential clients and answer their queries, the sooner you can build a rapport and begin a relationship with them. A CRM software will allow your real estate team and brokerage to create immediate auto-responses that are targeted for each specific client or group of clients (depending on target audience and what sales funnel stage they’re at). Not only is this more efficient for busy agents, but also more effective at converting new leads!

» Keep In Touch With Past Clients with Real Estate CRMs:

Did you know that 88 percent of buyers say they’d work with their real estate agent again and/or recommend them to friends and family but only 12 percent of them actually do? Not only does CRM software help you manage new prospects, but it can also allow for maintaining relationships with past clients. Many years can pass before a past client is ready to purchase a new home again. However, staying in touch and top-of-mind with this audience has never been easier than ever. Touching base with them a few times a year with highly targeted messaging pertaining to birthdays, anniversaries, or other major milestones, will keep you on their radar.

» Tailor Your Services To Each + Every Client:

Give your agents the ultimate tool to succeed by providing a CRM software that allows them to record valuable information pertaining to each client. You can categorize your clients and audiences by saving the following information in detailed profiles:

  • Regional areas and neighborhoods of interest
  • Types of homes buyers are looking for
  • Desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Carpet vs. wood flooring
  • And more!

Having all of this information on hand and easily accessible will allow you to send customized emails and listings that meet your clients’ criteria–making them more likely to convert.

Empowering Real Estate Professionals + Brokers In The Digital Age

Just because real estate is a tough market, doesn’t mean your job has to be difficult. Real Estate CRMs  give real estate professionals and brokers the opportunity to streamline their workflow without sacrificing a personal touch. In the long run, this frees up time for agents to be more aggressive and visible via direct tactics.

At RealtyTech, Inc., we provide even more digital assets and solutions targeted for professionals within the real estate industry such as IDX, optimized websites, Google Adwords Partner Advertising (PPC), and so much more. If you’re searching for services to make your digital marketing strategies more robust, contact us today to learn how we can help you generate more leads and sales! Call our team of real estate experts and web developers at (805)-413-7888.

About Richard Uzelac:

Mr. Uzelac has been in the real estate business for over thirty years. He started as an agent in New Jersey then office owner in California to real estate technology leader. Uzelac was the Senior Director of before starting RealtyTech Inc. in 2002. Richard has given thousands of presentations and talks on real estate technology. He is available as a Speaker and Consultant for Franchises, Offices and Agents. Contact him  at 805.413.7888


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