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What does it take to become the favorite real estate agent in your neighborhood? Thanks, you asked.

Getting the most out of marketing for real estate agents cannot be easier with an effective neighborhood website that offers comprehensive information about the local real estate market, local businesses, events, organizations, geographic farming videos, and more.

However, generating new local content ideas may be challenging, especially if you are getting started with content marketing for real estate agents. You need to create unique content that resonates with your prospects. But this does not have to be daunting anymore.

This post will guide you on the things that must be on your website and creating content that generates leads and helps establish you as the go-to agent in your neighborhood. That in mind, let us dive in.

5 Types of Neighborhood Marketing Content:

1. Real Estate Trends, Pricing, and Projections

Teach your prospects about the neighborhood real estate market by discussing current trends and projections expected within 2-3 years.

1.1 Real Estate Market Reports

Content marketing continually evolves. But one content type that has consistently been a staple for agents is real estate market reports. A real estate report allows you to discuss several things, from trends, statistics to new stories, distinguishing you as a leader in the industry.

However, the key is crafting comprehensive, educational, and easily readable reports and presenting them to your audience in an appealing way. Whichever content type you choose, use an even combination of written and visual content. For instance, you can incorporate infographics in your blogs to summarize key real estate statistics.

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Add Housing Market Trends to your Site

As mentioned earlier, there are several directions to take with real estate reports. Mix local market statistics with your perspectives to showcase your knowledge about your neighborhood’s real estate. Here are a few ideas around real estate market reports:

  • 2020 Real Estate Market Report for Thousand Oaks, LA
  • 10 Little Known Facts about Thousand Oaks’ Current Real Estate Market
  • 20 Reasons You Should Sell Your Thousand Oaks Home Now Grounded on Latest Market Trends

Sometimes, conduct surveys on your website, social media accounts, and via your email marketing strategy to gain insights from your primary audience to learn what they think about specific industry topics. Then analyze the responses for your reports.

1.2 Blog About Real Estate Pricing

Pricing has to be the most sensitive part of getting a home sold. And it comes as no surprise that setting the right price is three-quarters of marketing a home.

It is, however, obvious that every seller desires the best possible price for their home. But as an experienced agent, you understand that achieving such goals requires taking a particular approach that most home sellers don’t know about.

As much as you are willing to help home sellers in your neighborhood price their homes accurately, it would be best to offer them several insights into pricing a home. Educating your target audience about this critical subject using your blog to gain more trust from potential clients and drive new leads to your business. Furthermore, it becomes easier to convince a home seller to review their price by justifying your perspective with a blog post published online.

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Blog About Real Estate Pricing

But before setting the ball rolling, there a few things you should know about blogs. Do not stuff your blog posts with keywords, expecting to rank faster on Google. Ideally, 1% keyword density is fit for SEO. For good SEO results, aim for 1500 word posts. Posts tailored for social media can do well with half the word count. Make the titles catchy and beneficial to lure target readers into reading your post.

To get started, here are some blog ideas to consider:

  • 5 Home Pricing Myths Debunked
  • A Guide to Pricing Your Home to Sell ASAP
  • A Beginners Guide to Pricing Homes in Thousands Oak

2. Community Activities and Events in Your Neighborhood

You can bring potential clients in your neighborhood closer to your business by writing about events and activities they enjoy. They can be daily, monthly, or annual events based on religion or history. Cover them in detail than your competitors to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the neighborhood. You don't just want their money. You distinguish yourself as one of them by telling their story passionately. Look up organizations that sponsor events or activities in your neighborhood and offer them exposure using your blog.

3. Social Issues in Your Neighborhood

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Write about social issues in your area

Undoubtedly, community members are drawn to businesses that care about their welfare. And one way of showing that you care is writing about issues affecting your market area.

Does your community participate in open dialogues to discuss matters affecting them? Have you heard community members continually talk about certain topics related to the neighborhood? Gather these topics and write about them on your website to show members you can relate to their problems and be their voice. It can be anything ranging from eco-solutions, garbage disposal, crime, parenting, to employment.

4. Blog About Services and Skills Local Residents Are Interested In

Another witty way to connect with your neighborhood and drive more local leads to your business doors is writing about services and skills they continually search on the web like home security solutions, garage door repair, pet care, and more.

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Blog About Services Local Residents search

You can also get local business owners, professionals, and experts to give unique insights into the topics you look to discuss in written or visual content (especially videos). This helps your potential clients in your farm to connect with you.

5. Teach Residents How To Do Certain Things (DIYs)

Don't just write about local issues; teach your community how to go about certain things, from recipes, driving lessons, fashion tips, SME accounting, to makeup tips. Create content around such topics, involving experts and business owners to demonstrate how they are done. Remember, the first step to engaging local prospects and gaining their trust is demonstrating your knowledge of the issues affecting them.

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Teach Residents How To Do Certain Things (DIYs)

Things to Include on Your Website to be a Local Expert

1. Add List Of Local Businesses in your Area

Any homeowner and renter in your market would be interested in other services offered in the area, whether electrical services, plumbing services, educational institutions, shopping malls, HVAC services, and many more.

It would help to let your website be a helpful resource for residents looking for local businesses. Spend a few hours analyzing and writing about local businesses on your website to increase the chances of your website ranking for local service searches. Check with the Local Chamber of Commerce, peruse your local media, and scour online resources to discover local businesses.

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Add List Of Local Businesses In Your Area

Don't just list any business. Evaluate each business and gauge whether it is worth your recommendation. Assess the business owners and online reviews to ensure that you recommend trusted and reliable companies. Each listing should include the business's street address and contact information. Add a link to their website, ensuring the link opens in a new window to keep readers on your page.

When creating local business lists, add a call to action, encouraging readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

2. Testimonials

Boost your credibility, and instill confidence and trust in your prospects with testimonials from clients you have benefited with unique solutions. It could be someone whose home you sold in record time or a client you helped with a tricky relocation.

Create appealing testimonial titles that include the name of your geographical market. Testimonials can be in written or visual form. But video testimonials are among the highest converting marketing tools available. And don't forget to appreciate your customers for the reviews.

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Video testimonials are among the highest converting marketing tools

You can also feature the quotes in your blog posts to underscore your client’s contentment with your services. Testimonials can be expanded into case studies too!

3. Videos Of Local Experts And Business Owners Demonstrating Their Skills

It is time you partner with local professionals and business owners to create personalized videos that show them demonstrating their experience and skills. According to HubSpot, such videos' retention rate is 35% higher than that of non-personalized videos.

The options for personalized videos are endless. You can show local experts plumbing, repairing vehicles, painting, arranging home or office spaces, and much more. But you will want to request each expert or business owner you interview to reveal personal details to add the personalization aspect to your videos. Work with local content producers to make polished and consistent videos that resonate with the residents.

4. Neighborhood Walk Through

4.1 Hyperlocal Marketing

Hyperlocal marketing is the process of targeting prospects in a highly specific geographical area, sometimes just a few streets. It is a sure-fire way to demonstrate your knowledge about the local neighborhoods. Cognizant that customers look for homes in particular communities, you will want to create content that clearly distinguishes the little differences between neighborhoods, local events, businesses, organizations, cost of living, tourist attractions, and local people. Hyperlocal marketing can also help rank your website for local searches.

Real Estate Farming Ideas: Hyperlocal Marketing

4.2 Geographic Farming Videos

Create result-driven campaigns and distinguish yourself as a local expert with virtual neighborhood tours. Here, you shoot clips of outstanding homes and essential amenities like schools and shopping centers, that make particular neighborhoods distinct. The best channels to incorporate geographic farming videos include your local property listings, social media accounts, and email marketing campaigns.


You do not have to chase referrals and prospects. Use the above tips to establish yourself as the neighborhood expert and drive leads to your business.

If you feel your website design is not up to par or need help with real estate digital marketing, RealtyTech Inc is here to help. Contact us online or, more conveniently, call us at (805)-413-7888 to generate unique qualified leads and increase revenues for your business.