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Brand new real estate agents and seasoned realtors alike need to incorporate a reliable lead-generation process into their online marketing strategy. Real estate lead generation is a challenging and time-consuming task in today’s competitive business environment.

Generating real estate leads requires that you personalize communication at each stage of the sales cycle. And the first and most important step is to develop trust in your fresh prospects that you can use to get extra mileage later in the sales process.

Successful real estate agents and realtors need to find unique and creative ways to develop and foster connections with potential homebuyers and increase their lead generation.

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What is Real Estate Lead Generation?

In real estate, lead generation is the important process of attracting people who want to sell, buy, or rent their homes and capturing their contact information, such as email addresses, to nurture and persuade them to use your services. In other words, lead generation involves the actions and steps you take as a business or firm to generate new sales leads.

Like real estate marketing, lead generation can take many forms, including social media, paid adverts, real estate SEO, and direct mail. Each type of lead generation is crucial and will be useful throughout your career as an agent or realtor. You can also use conventional real estate lead generation strategies, such as cold calling or door knocking.

How Can Real Estate Lead Generation Help You Succeed and Grow?

If you would like to grow your real estate business and boost sales, it is vital to have an effective and reliable lead generation strategy. Without it, your real estate business will find it hard to engage customers and increase revenue.

» Builds Relationships

Proactively searching for new business leads is one of the best ways to develop relationships with new audiences and clients. This will help you grow your real estate brand and build trust.

» Grows Your Business

Lead generation is also important as it allows you to expand your business, which creates a snowball effect through word of mouth, referrals, and more brand awareness.

Top 15 Lead Generation Strategies and Ideas for 2023

If you are looking for new and creative real estate lead generation strategies and ideas to scale your business in 2023, the sheer number of options may seem overwhelming.

Here are the top 15 real estate lead generation strategies and tips for real estate agents that will help you reach a wider audience, increasing your portfolio of homebuyers and sellers.

1. Set up a Google My Business (GMB) Account

Many of your real estate leads will find you through Google. In order to create a professional presence when a prospect searches for your business, you must create your Google My Business account.

This will populate the search sidebar with important information about your business, such as your office address and contact information.

2. Use Dialer Tools for More Real Estate Leads

While cold calling is one of the best lead-generation ideas, it is time-consuming. The good news is that cold calling with the latest automation tools, such as Auto Dialer and WAVV Dialer, helps you develop an efficient and effective lead-generation process.

You can use these tools to automate the dialing process. They will connect you with more homeowners per hour and allow you to slash your prospecting time in half.

3. Live Stream Property Tours

You should know that holding a live stream on various social media platforms to give a property tour is an excellent way to give interested or potential homebuyers a sneak peek, particularly before the home or property goes on the market.

Also, this is an incredible way to reach larger audiences while socially distancing during the health pandemic and restricting open houses to smaller crowds.

4. Realtor Referrals

You probably know that other realtors and agents can be a great source of lead generation, provided they are not in your niche. You should work on building and improving relationships with local agents and realtors and explain that you would like to network with clients.

To effectively expand your business through realtor referrals, you may host client events, workshops, or seminars, and volunteer and participate in charities.

5. Build Partnerships with Other Businesses

You can build mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with other local businesses, such as insurance companies, accountants, lenders, and personal bankers, and co-host events and seminars for forming common clients.

You can also team up with experienced and savvy listing agents in order to boost your lead generation strategy. Provide discounts and other discounts to clients for using referred connections so that you and your business partners can nurture leads for shared growth.

If you would like your advertising to succeed, it needs to be focused. Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and LinkedIn Ads offer target advertising schemes and options that suit the budgets and needs of small businesses. You can use Google Adwords to target search words and the geographic location of your target audience.

On the other hand, Facebook Ads will help you reach the right audience by targeting gender, age, or certain pages that your audience likes.

7. Optimize Your Real Estate Website for SEO

Buyers usually search on Google and other search engines for new homes and commercial properties so a great search engine ranking will increase your visibility. Real estate websites should be SEO-optimized.

You can update your site or blog with valuable and engaging content and time-based trends and events. SEO optimization and keyword-rich targeted content boost Google ranking for your blog content.

8. Develop Interactive and Unique Quizzes

One excellent lead-generation tactic is to create interactive and informative quizzes. You can share these quizzes on a page or blog post on your real estate website. Note that these can be an excellent way to bring in new, qualified leads, offering value to your potential homebuyers and sellers.

9. Talk to Local Builders

Contractors and builders visit homes all day, and people like to talk. It is likely that a homeowner will tell a contractor or builder if they are looking to sell. As a result, it makes sense to build a robust referral network with these professionals. Also, you can use their help and guidance to identify new properties or leads.

10. Entice Investors

Although it is crucial to leverage your existing clients and tenants, you should also search for new customers. This is where investors can help as they own multiple properties and could become your clients for life if you assist them in selling when they are ready.

11. Attend Trade Shows and Expos

Local or regional events and tradeshows are excellent platforms to create or increase awareness about your brand and showcase your real estate projects.

You can communicate with potential homebuyers or partners, distribute engaging and informative flyers, and pitch the ground in order to generate leads.

12. Leverage Social Media to Generate More Leads

Social media outlets, such as Facebook, are great for connecting with prospective homebuyers and sellers and building reach, helping you develop a stable and dependable real estate pipeline. By sharing your content on various social media platforms, you can drive potential home sellers to your real estate website and present them with an enticing lead magnet offer.

With specific targeting and developing adverts that retarget your website visitors, it is easy to get your real estate business or firm directly in front of prospects.

13. Online Reviews

Clients will likely search online for reviews and ratings before hiring you. You should ask your customers to leave a review if they have not done so already. After helping a client buy or sell their home or other property, you may request a review from them.

14. Use Customer Relationship Management Software

CRM software is vital in this competitive environment and can take your real estate business to the next level. This valuable software will help manage your leads in a single place, which is convenient. This will allow you to see where they are in the sales cycle so you can message them at the right time. And it will enhance the efficiency of your operation.

15. Target Expired Listing

If you are not getting tangible results with other techniques, expired listings can also be a good option. You can easily convert expired listings into valuable seller clients. Homeowners with an expired listing are facing problems, and you could be the one that solves these problems.

You will find the expired listing from various platforms, such as MLS, or other listing websites, such as Zillow. Selling a once-unsellable or undesirable home can help you develop a positive local reputation.

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Summing Up

Applying strategy isn't enough if you're not aware of its progress. It is best to constantly evaluate your current strategies in order to track and monitor their progress in the lead generation and conversion process. So, start using these 15 lead-generation strategies and ideas to ramp up your list of potential property buyers and sellers. The best real estate agents and realtors also know that consumers require an unmatched mobile experience in this digital world.

If you would like to stand out from your competitors, RealtyTech provides websites and IDX and SEO marketing for realtors to make them more competitive. With RealtyTech's IDX, your clients will receive a dynamic and mobile app-like experience for smartphones and tablets. You can contact RealtyTech at 805-413-7888 for more information.