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In order to successfully generate leads through a marketing medium, the medium needs to have the ability to target the specific market you operate in and do so in an effective manner. Let me introduce you to the wonders of marketing via Facebook.

Why Facebook?

You’re probably thinking: “Ugh! Facebook? That’s for my kids!” or perhaps: “I use that just to connect with family and friends. That can’t possibly be a good place to advertise.”

I will counter with these pretty little statistics: 71% of adult internet users and 58% of the entire adult population are on Facebook. That rounds out to more than a billion people!

Let’s compare this to other social media sites:

  • Twitter has 23% of adult internet users and only 19% of the entire adult population
  • Instagram has 26% of adult internet users and only 21% of the entire adult population
  • Pinterest has 28% of adult internet users and 22% of the entire adult population
  • LinkedIn has 28% of adult internet users and 23% of entire adult population

Facebook is already winning just by numbers. But here is another reason why Facebook is superior: Facebook gives businesses the ability to target specific demographics of its users. As a real estate agent, this is invaluable. You can advertise directly to women in their 40’s living in your territory. Rather than wasting time, energy, and capital blasting out a blanket advertising scheme, you can market directly to the group that you want to work and who will want to work with you.

In addition to marketing, Facebook opens the door for engagement. On Facebook, you can engage potential, or current, clients and have a conversation. Conversation and engagement reign supreme in today’s hyper-connected society. The more people get to know you, the more they will see you as a knowledgeable, trustworthy businessperson they will want to work with.

Getting Those Leads

Now that you’ve decided to market your business through Facebook, the next step is figuring out how to maximize your time, energy, and capital. It’s easy to get lost or trapped doing the same things as everyone else, but there are some tried and true methods to garner more attention and leads.

  1. Target Your Posts

Whatever your ads or posts are about you want to target a specific demographic in your territory to maximize your energy and resources for the greatest impact. This is the most important step and feature of advertising on Facebook. Go to Boost Post, and set the Target audience you want to reach.

  1. Post Frequently and Uniquely

As with most online marketing campaign strategies, frequent posts will increase your chances of being noticed by your targeted audience. Post several times a day and change up the nature and delivery of the posts. Use videos, photos, text, blog updates, questions, and giveaways.

Try only posting listings and testimonials for your business once every few days. Most importantly, you want your posts to be relevant to your area and relevant and important to your market. Aim for articles on your local housing market, updates for family-fun activities, or post fun info-graphics about the local school-district.

  1. Drive Traffic To Your Business

On every post and on your business page your main goal is to drive online traffic to your business. With each post, have a link that directs people back to your site, or better yet have a link so people can automatically enroll in your email list.


The mistake many people make when advertising is thinking that engagement means their marketing is effective, but what is more important is inbound leads you generate. A click from a post to your site means is far more valuable than a like or comment.