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Real estate professionals registered with the National Association of REALTORS(NAR) often use the REALTOR® marks in their domain names and email addresses to distinguish themselves from other real estate licenses.

The term REALTOR® is a federally protected trademark owned by NAR. But most importantly, it is a valuable membership benefit that lets prospects know that you are more than just a real estate practitioner-you adhere to stringent ethic codes that protect the public, clients, and other real estate professionals.

If you want to add your presence in the online real estate marketplace, it is important to choose a domain name and design a website that makes you stand out in the crowd and attract your target prospects. And being a NAR member, you will want to use REALTOR® marks to distinguish yourself from the pack; however, you must adhere to particular rules regulating the proper usage of the term REALTOR®. The National Association’s Membership Marks Manual discusses these rules in-depth.

To get you started, RealtyTech experts have compiled the principal rules governing the use of the term REALTOR® in domain names and email addresses. Let us dive in.

1. Correct Usage by NAR Members and Boards

NAR Member Boards can incorporate the REALTOR® mark in their domain name or username only if they use it appropriately in connection with the board's name or sponsored activities. For a Member Board called California Association of REALTORS®, proper usages of the mark may include:
NAR members can use the term in their domain name and email address but must use it correctly in connection with their name or agency. Among the appropriate ways, a NAR member named John Doe can use the term REALTOR® include:

2. Descriptive Terms and Phrases Are Prohibited

As a NAR member, you cannot use the REALTOR® mark together with descriptive terms or phrases in your domain name and email address. Examples of such instances are:

3. Punctuation is Optional

When creating a domain or email address, you do not need to separate the term REALTOR® from your name or real estate agency's name with punctuation. For instance, both and are appropriate usages of the mark in a domain name. And both and illustrate proper use of REALTOR® in an email address.

4. Do Not Use REALTOR Block Logo in Hypertext Links

NAR members are prohibited from using the REALTOR® block R logo as a hypertext link. Such applications would suggest a recommendation or endorsement of the linked website by the National Association of Realtors. The logo consists of the letter R set in a Futura Typeface on a sharply contrasting rectangular background to form a block "R" with the term Realtor® placed underneath. An exception to rule #4 applies when you intend to establish a link to the NAR's official property listing or its official website-

The public has adopted the use of lowercase letters in domain names and internet addresses. And although NAR requires members and boards to capitalize the REALTOR® mark, there is an exception to this requirement for domain names and email addresses only.

With the above in mind, let us briefly answer some common questions about the REALTOR® mark.


» Can I Use Realty in my Domain Name?

Yes. You can use the term realty in your domain name. Realty is a neutral term which the general public often associates with the real estate business. But check the rules governing the use of the word realtor in domain names to prevent wasting a bunch of money on a domain, only to find that you cannot use it legally.

» Can I Use the Word Realtor?

As a NAR member, you are allowed to apply the term REALTOR® in marketing and online. A member can use REALTOR® in their username to indicate their registration with NAR by using the mark with their names or their real estate agency's legal name. You can also use the term in your domain name and email address, but ensure you do so in line with the rules discussed earlier.

» How Do I Choose a Domain Name for my Real Estate Agent?

There are several aspects to keep in mind when choosing a domain name for your real estate business, including brand availability, brand recognition, compliance, and marketability. Here are the key points to remember:

Whereas domains with your names are easier to find, we highly recommend that you look up domains with high potential to benefit your business. The best trick is to incorporate a descriptive term that identifies your target market.

Keep your domain name short to keep it memorable to the prospects you are targeting.

Buy common variations of your domain name to harvest misplaced traffic.

» Do You Have to Capitalize Realtor?

As the registered trademark for a National Association of REALTORS member, the term Realtor often requires the use of uppercase letters. Standard dictionaries such as the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language and the online Merriam-Webster capitalize the term. Again, an exception to this requirement applies to NAR members and boards' domain names and email addresses.

» Can I Use Realtor Logo?

As a NAR member, you may use the REALTOR® block logo as an app icon or social media profile icon, provided the profile or app is offered in connection with your real estate business. You should place the logo near your name or agency's name. Real estate agents not registered with NAR are prohibited from using the REALTOR® term or logo.

» How Do You Get a Realtor Trademark?

To get the Realtor trademark on a Windows PC, press and hold the "Alt" key and type "0174" using your computer's number pad. For a Macintosh computer, press and hold the "Option" key, labeled as Alt and next to the Ctrl key, and press "R."

How Do You Get a Realtor Logo?

The easiest way to access the Realtor block logo is by downloading it from this NAR webpage. The page also stipulates several sizes, area of isolation, and color requirements for acceptable logo design.

» Why is REALTOR Trademarked?

You may wonder why REALTOR can be trademarked, yet it is a term commonly used across the real estate industry. The word REALTOR was federally trademarked in 1950 by NAR (founded as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges) under the Trademark Registration No. 0519789. The term is used in connection with NAR members, products, and services.

» What is a Realtor?

A realtor is a real estate agent or affiliated real estate consultant registered with the National Association of REALTORS®(NAR).

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There you have them, the regulations governing the use of REALTOR® marks in domain names and email addresses. Adhere to each of them to stay compliant with NAR standards.

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