RealtyTech's Blog

This is RealtyTech’s short series of blogs on the absolute need for Realtors to market their websites LOCALLY and not generally.

In the past Realtors and Real Estate Companies could get one website, put their name, company logo and an IDX on it and it would actually show up high on search engines over a wide geographic area. There are even old legacy websites that rank well over multiple areas to this day simply because they are such old sites and Google has given them extra ranking just for being around so long. New sites do not fare so well.

Today there is competition, slick, highly funded competition from nationwide portal sites like Zillow,, and the rest that rank high all across the country. These sites typically take the entire first page or a couple of pages of the search engine, pushing small sites down the page rank to the nose bleed pages of obscurity. It is ever harder and harder for a single Real Estate Agent’s site to rank high. Hard, unless that site is committed to ONE location, one small town, an area or PART of a larger city.

How do you combat this? Well, here we go….

The first change needed is the way you are used to thinking about your website.

First Step: Define Yourself and Your Expertise in ONE area on one of your websites.

Define Your Market

Pick ONE Local Area to be represented on your site

Who Are You?

Put a Stake in the Sand! Select a City or two smaller areas to brand your self as the specialist in that area.

What Do You Know?

Let them know it. Demonstrate on that site that you are the expert in that particular area.

Be Involved with your Market and be the Local Expert

Commit to creating some content about You and about the Area you have chosen for that site.