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How to Upload an Image

Download PDF file : how-to-upload-an-image.pdf

How To Upload An Image

Anywhere in your Agent Center that you see an image, image placeholder, or add image link, you may change or upload a photo.
One of the first things to consider is ensure all your popup blockers are disabled. They will constantly interfere with editing your website unless this is done. Allowances may also need to be setup so your computer doesn’t regard your website as a potential threat. Realtytech is unable to provide assistance for adjusting these settings due to Microsoft rules and regulations.

The most viable formats for images or logos are JPEG and GIF. The system does not easily support TIF or BMP files. If the files are larger than 1 megabyte it may take longer to upload.

Step 1
Click on the Pencil Icon “” directly above the image as seen in Figure 1 on the homepage of the website. This example is available on the right-hand side under Featured Homes.

Step 2
The Screen will darken and the image editor appears in the middle of the screen. Click on “Browse” to find the picture on your hard drive. See Figure 2.

After choosing your image Click Open. It will create a pathway for the program to pull the correct image in the file folder you selected. Next click the “Upload” key. If it needs to be resized, duplicate images will appear. The larger version on the left will have 4 red squares that permit you to resize and center the image if necessary. See Figure 3.

– You may also add an “Alt Tag” to your image. This is the text that pops up when you leave your cursor over an image for more that 1 second. This is sometimes beneficial for search engines and for the vision impaired.

Step 3
Click the “Save” option in the lower left-hand corner to save the image.

Note: To remove an image click the “Check to remove image” checkbox located at the bottom of every Image Upload Module.

To add additional photos to a Featured Home, Sold Home or Open House:
1. Click on the “Add new photo” link.
2. A larger image thumbnail saying 280×210 will appear at the top with a pencil icon above.
3. Click the pencil. After the screen darkens click “Browse” to find the image on your local hard drive.
4. Next, hit the “Upload” key. Note: It may be necessary to wait a few moments if the image is large. If it needs to be resized, duplicate images will appear. The larger version on the left will have 4 red squares that permit you to resize by clicking and dragging on either of them or center the image if necessary.
5. Lastly, click “saves” in lower left-hand corner to confirm.

Note: To remove an image from a Manual Featured Home, Sold Home or Manual Open House, click the thumbnail of the image you want to delete. Once the page refreshes, click the pencil directly above the image to bring up the image editor. Then click “remove” located at the bottom- right of the Module. Make sure to click “update” at the bottom of the screen so you don’t lose any unsaved information.

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