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Google Partner Advertising

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Google Adwords)

What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC, is a search engine marketing technique that allows professionals to market their business online through popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The term “Pay-per-Click” speaks for itself, in that every click that your advertisement receives, a small amount will be charged from your campaign budget. By changing the bid amount for different keywords and target areas, you can receive top search results on the above search engines. Want to know even more about how it works? Give us a call at 818.889.0064!

What are the Benefits to Pay-Per-Click?

  • Pay-Per-Click is the perfect option for first-time advertising. Because the amount you must bid is so flexible, PPC is the perfect way to attract the quality leads you want with a precise budget.
  • While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a great way to organically improve your page-rank, it can sometimes take months to come to fruition. PPC can get you results in just hours!
  • PPC is perfect if you already have a reputable website too! At this point, Pay-Per-Click becomes the perfect supplemental force for driving even more leads to your website.

Why Choose RealtyTech to do your PPC campaign?

  • The one thing that everyone wants to hear – Increased Site Traffic Guaranteed!.
  • Most marketing can get expensive! Our plans are fairly priced and simply work.
  • Doing PPC campaigns yourself usually ends fruitlessly and can be extremely costly.
  • You get to choose the exact page that viewers will land on within your website. We will even build a custom landing page for you!
  • RealtyTech has been doing online marketing with Real Estate professionals for over 10 years. We will make sure that no matter your budget, your campaign will garner high quality traffic – You concentrate on sales and we’ll do the rest!
  • We won’t sell you individual ‘terms’ like the other guys. A good PPC campaign requires a number of keywords and we won’t limit your campaign to a single term.
  • We know what your prospects are looking for. The research needed to successfully market your website is extensive and we have the knowledge to do it right.
  • We have had success with Pay-Per-Click time and time again. That’s why we now offer it in standalone packages!

Pay-Per-Click Bronze

   •   1 Target Area    •   1 Landing Page •   Approximate Clicks ~35-50

Pay-Per-Click Silver

   •   1-2 Target Areas    •   2 Landing Pages

Pay-Per-Click Gold

   •   2-4 Target Areas    •   4 Landing Pages *Setup pricing has been quoted for RealtyTech Agent123 Websites only. If you would like to receive a free quote on package pricing for a non-RealtyTech website, please contact us today.

Pay-Per-Click PRO – Create a Custom Campaign!

The Pay-Per-Click PRO Custom Campaign is the most specialized and flexible of our campaign options. With the PRO Campaign you will receive comprehensive monthly reports on the status of your campaigns and a landing page for each targeted area. The Pay-Per-Click PRO package offers full customization options to fit the needs of your target locations and your advertising budget! To have a marketing specialist assemble a plan that fits your needs, please call 1-805-413-7888.
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