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Google Adwords Partner Advertising (PPC)


Google’s AdWords Suite of Advertising Products is the digital marketing “gold standard” of behaviorally-targeted advertising. Pay-Per-Click, Click-to-Call, Targeted Display, and Remarketing are all bonafide methods to increase brand exposure and overall traffic to your website, but sound like gibberish to most people. It’s complicated – where do you start?

RealtyTech Inc. is an Official Google Partner

You start by hiring experts. Experts like the team of engineers and web marketers at RealtyTech – experts that are Google Partners™. Based on RealtyTech’s track record of successful online marketing campaigns, Google qualified and selected our team to come on board as advertising partners, reselling Google’s digital marketing solutions. This means RealtyTech connects with a high-level Google marketing correspondent that consults on, builds, and tracks the efficiency of our campaigns.

Our PPC Methodology

  • Client Interview – An extremely important part of the process where RealtyTech dives deep into your business needs, goals, competition and overall marketing difficulties. Key factors like geography, trade area, client education level, client income level, and your areas of expertise as an agent flesh out the foundations of messaging, style, and concentration.
  • Competitive Research and Analysis – You’re not the only realtor marketing yourself online in your area. Let’s survey the competition: their average marketing spend, frequently-used marketing channels, messaging, advertising campaign frequency, site traffic, keyword maps, and trade areas. From there, the RealtyTech team has a better picture of your niche, and implements marketing strategies to correctly position your brand and quality of service accordingly.
  • Keyword Analysis and Optimization – Our team here at RealtyTech compiles a list of relevant search phrases used by potential customers to find real estate online, building a framework of content and phrase-based targeting that triggers your ad to display. Over time, we optimize for the best performing keywords in your market, adjusting things like match-types or bids to finely target and convert on those potential clients looking to buy and sell real estate in your geo-targeted markets. If there’s any search keywords you might have missed, our team monitors other related keyword searches and makes recommendation for additional topics or methods to advertise in the interest of increasing site traffic.
  • Campaign Design and Placement – With our research in hand, RealtyTech is now ready to produce and design ad messaging, creative, and landing pages that showcase your unique angles as a realtor.
  • PPC Goals and Metrics – In conjunction with your goals and needs identified in step 1, the RealtyTech team works closely with you every month to optimize and adjust the SEM program, focusing on the keywords and search phrases that deliver the most qualified customers to your site. Campaign tweaks like negative keywords, sitelink extensions, and callouts can further tighten the campaign’s scope.
  • Campaign Management and Monthly Reporting – The RealtyTech team works in the background everyday to manage, optimize, and perfect your campaign. Custodial work like testing ad messaging, boosting successful ads, and editing or removing ads with low engagement is part of the ongoing service to you. Once a month, the RealtyTech team schedules a reporting meeting in which we discuss the flow of the campaign with you; our goal is to highlight campaign successes, make recommendations and edits based on poor performing lines, and discuss campaign positioning and direction for the future.

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Is Pay Per Click Right For You?

As the name suggests, Pay Per Click is when you pay a certain amount of money for a certain amount of clicks on your advertisement. Essentially you are paying for users to see and click on your web address. For example, when a user searches “housing in LA” on Google, there are two PPC ads at the top of the page along with a whole column on the right hand side all featuring different real estate agents. These websites receive great exposure and by using PPC, so can yours. The greatest appeal of PPC is the immediate increase of visitor traffic and inbound leads. It is a simple, quick, and efficient way to promote your website and increase traffic and increase inbound leads.

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