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Rodeo Realty Fine Estates

Ever since Syd Leibovitch founded Rodeo Realty many years ago, it was positioned as a high end brokerage servicing the wealthy areas of Los Angeles county. With more than 1,000 licensed agents, Rodeo Realty Fine Estates and 11 offices in Los Angeles and Ventura counties, Rodeo Realty Fine Estates is one of the largest residential real estate company’s in the Los Angeles Basin. The company’s realty industry affiliates include Encore Escrow, Progressive Title and L.A. Mortgage. RealtyTech has over 200 Rodeo Realty agents as Clients and has created the Rodeo Realty website. The relationship is one of mutual respect and advantage and continues to grow to this day.


Real Estate Agent SEO That Gets Results!

In order to get the kind of results you want – results that bring potential home buyers and sellers to your site, you need:

• A site that’s fully equipped for real estate agent SEO, one that will rank high in Google results when someone searches for homes to buy or agents to talk to when it’s time to sell their home.
• An agent Rodeo Realty website that will be easy for you to add to and manage yourself, that comes with a content management site that requires no technological knowhow whatsoever when it comes time to add pages and/or listings.

We can provide that site for you.

Rodeo Realty Real Estate Agent Internet Marketing Websites and SEO that WORK

Hire us to build your website and you can expect:

 A content management system that’s as easy to use as Microsoft Word. If you can work in MS Word, you’ll be able to fully manage your Rodeo Realty real estate agent website.
 A website that quickly integrates with your IDX database with an absolute minimum of muss and fuss.
 To receive a completed website that you’ll be able to optimize yourself when you add pages and/or listings. We make it easy for you to add the appropriate keywords to the page so that you may optimize your site yourself, thus saving you time and money.
 The ability to create a lead capture form that grabs the information you need from site visitors. Want e-mail addresses but not phone numbers? Want a prospect to give you an idea of their home-buying budget or what sales price they’re looking for? You can create a form that asks for just the info you want.

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