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Dropdown and Flyout Pages Manual

Download PDF file : adding-dropdown-and-flyout-menus.pdf

Adding Dropdown and Flyout Pages

With the new Agent123 site styles, we have incorporated a top navigation with dropdown pages as well as new flyout pages in the side navigation. Once you have changed to a new site style from the Design Center, follow these steps to add dropdown and flyout pages.

Note: For more information on how to change your site style, reference the “Change Your Site Style and Color” Manual.

Also, visit out Support Center for more guides and video tutorials for customizing your Agent123 website.

Click on the “Manage Pages” button in the Dashboard at the top of the screen

Choose the type of layout that you would prefer for your site and check the corresponding box.
Top Nav: Includes the top navigation with dropdown menu at the top and no left navigation.
Top Left Nav: Includes both the top navigation with dropdown menus as well as the left navigation with flyout pages.
Left Nav: Includes the left navigation and no top navigation.

Step 3 – Top Left Nav Option Only
Specify which navigation you would like to edit. These must be customized individually.

Step 4
To add a dropdown parent, simply click on the “Visibility” box on the far right of the chosen page. It will now show up in the top menu. A “parent” will always remain visible in the top navigation.

Example: By clicking on the “Visibility” of my About me page it is now in the header.

Note: When editing the page, do not assign a parent to the page to keep it in the main menu.

Step 5
To add dropdown pages from your parent category, click on the “Pencil” icon next to the page you want to add to your dropdown. When the “Page Attributes” Module pops up, assign the page a parent page. It will now be in the parent page’s pull down menu.

Example: Above, we turned the “About Me” page into a parent page and it is now in the top nav. If I want my “Contact Me” page to pull down from the “About Me” menu, I will click on the “Pencil” icon for the “Contact Me” page. I then open the “Parent” menu and choose “About Me”. After clicking save and turning on the “Visibility”, the “Contact Me” page can be found by hovering over “About Me” at the top.

The Results:

Note: Each parent in the top navigation can have several pages dropdown from under it.

Step 6
Adding “Flyouts” will add slide out links to your pages from your left side navigation. The process of adding these is very similar to the dropdown pages. Start by going back to “Manage Pages” at the top of the screen.

Note: Flyouts are only available when using the “Top Left Nav” and “Left Nav” Layouts.

Step 7
Make sure that your “Layout Edit Mode” is set to “Left”. This is located right above the page list.

Step 8
Now that “Layout Edit Mode” is set to “Left”, click on the “Pencil” icon next to the page that you would like to add to the side navigation. Click the “Visibility” box again on the far right to activate the link on the side.

Example: Following the same example as before, I will add the “About Me” page but to the left nav. Below, you can see that the page was added to the bottom of my list. Change the order by moving them around in the “Manage Pages” area.

Step 9
To add a page within the parent in the left navigation, click on the “Pencil” icon next to the page you want to add. When the “Page Attributes” module appears, change the “Parent” status to whichever parent you would like to have for the page.

Example: Following the same route as before, we will put the “Contact Me” page under the “About Me” parent. To do this, I click on the “Pencil” icon next to “Contact Me” then change the Parent to “About Me”. Lastly, click save. To test it, I hover over the “About Me” to see “Contact Me” come back.


Note: You can add multiple pages to each parent. As well, each parent can parent another page.
(Shown below.)

Final Note: While these features are being introduced solely on our new site styles at the moment, the ability to add dropdown and flyout menus to the left and top nav will be implemented on some of our older site templates in the near future.

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