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Change Your Site Style and Color

Download PDF file : Change-Your-Site-Style-and-Color.pdf

Changing Your Site Style and Color

This is a fun and easy way to change the look of your site dramatically. In order to change the style and color of your site follow these easy steps.
NOTE: See bottom of the page for Premium Theme info

After logging into your Agent123 Website, click on the “Design Center” button at the top within the “Dashboard” menu.

You will now be in the “Design Center” and you will see the gallery of Agent123 Website styles. Simply click on the style of your choice.
(Only 2 examples pictured below. For example, we have chosen the style on the right)

Once you have chosen your site style, you will see your style in a variety of color palettes. Simply choose the color palette that works best for you by clicking on it. That’s all there is to it!
(Only 4 shown below. Notice they are the same template as above right but now with more color options.)

OPTIONAL: Premium Themes
RealtyTech has released all-new free Premium Themes exclusively to use on our Agent123 Websites. Changing to a Premium Theme is simple and will not delete content on your site currently!

Once you have accessed the “Design Center” by clicking on the “Design Center” button at the top in the “Dashboard” menu, you will notice that we have included a section for our Premium Themes at the top of the style selection. Simply click on the Premium Theme group that you wish to use.

Once you have chosen a theme you will then be asked to choose a site style. Simply click on the style of your choice and you are finished! Congratulations!
(2 Examples displayed below)

NOTE: Log out of the Admin view to see how your site looks normally.

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