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Following Up on Leads from Contact/Custom Forms

Download PDF file : Following-Up-on-Leads-from-Contact-Custom-Forms.pdf

Following Up on Leads from Contact/Custom Forms

When a potential customer fills out the form on the “Contact Me” page of your website, you can follow these instructions to retrieve their information.

Step 1
After you have clicked on “Agent Center” at the bottom and have logged in to your Agent Website, click on the “Contacts” button at the top within the “Dashboard Menu”

You will see a table with all of your contact’s submitted information.

Step 2
With this table of contact information you can do a variety of things including:
  – Edit contact information in that line.
  – Completely delete contact information
  – Export your current contact list into and Excel doc
  – Export the contact to Microsoft Outlook

Step 3
If the client has provided you with all of the necessary contact data, you can manually add the contact to your database by clicking “Add Contact” at the bottom of the contact table.

Step 4
After you have entered all information for your new contact, click the “” icon to submit. That’s it!

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