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The Top Ten Real Estate Website Features You Need for 2011

1. Home Search: Customers now EXPECT a quality home search on every Agent Web site. If you don’t have a home search, get one!

2. Easy to Contact: Any perceived barriers with contacting you will be met with instant visitor and lead drop-offs.

3. What Makes You Special? Who are you and what you can do for your Clients? Does your site reflect your unique skills and qualifications?

4. Auto-Emailed Listings: The number one feature requested by Consumers. Send them listings the moment they show up on the market and your Visitors will remember you when it comes time to buy!

5. Pictures of Homes: Consumers love them! Sellers love them too! This can not be over emphasized!

6. Branding: Your site needs to brand you as a professional. It should be the keystone of your marketing effort and collateral. Nike and Coldwell Banker have brands, what’s your brand?

7. Auto Responders: They are still classy and well received. Just make sure you follow up quickly!

8. Freshness of Site: If you or your Assistant isn’t in your site weekly, updating and improving it, it is growing stale and losing value and effectiveness.

9. Proper Content: Your site needs to provide value to your users, give them pertinent targeted information and they’ll keep coming back.

10. Quality of Site: The average Agent is 52 years old while the average Consumer is 32 years old. These younger Web savvy potential Clients understand the Web very well. These consumers expect professionalism on the web, not shoddiness. Now more than ever, the quality of your Web site is how online Clients will judge you and your effectiveness. Investing in a quality website pays dividends day in and day out.

All of these features are available on our RealtyTech Websites. Let us help you succeed!

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