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How to Link Within Your Own Website

Download PDF file : how-to-link-within-your-own-website.pdf

How to Link Within Your Own Website

There are two ways to link to pages within your site. One way is to turn one of your extra pages “On” in the “Manage Pages” section of your Agent Center. The other way is to create text on a page which links to other pages within your site (demonstrated in the example below).

For the sake of this example; let’s create a link from your “Homepage” to your “Contact Me” page.

Step 1
Click the pencil icon “” located above the text area of the text that you would like to link to within your site.

Step 2
When the “Text Editor” pops up, select the text that you want to link.

Once the text is selected click the “Insert Link” icon “

Step 3
In the Link – Web Page Dialog – Place the URL that you want the link to go to in the URL field, as seen below.

Step 4
Click “Ok”, then click the button and you’re done!

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