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How to Set Up a Manual Featured Home, Sold Home, or Open House

Download PDF file : how-to-setup-a-manual-featured-home-sold-home-or-open-house.pdf

How to Setup a Manual Featured Home, Sold Home, or Open House

Whether you are adding a Manual Featured Home, a Sold Home, or an Open House, they are all accomplished in the exact same way. The following instructions will apply to any of these pages.

In the Agent123 admin., click on “Manage Pages”. It’s important to keep in mind that if you have an IDX system with us, the pages “Featured Homes, Office Listings, and Open House” will all be interconnected to the MLS to automatically display any active listings you or your office have. These are setup as standard default pages on most of our sites.
If you need to switch this off just click the pencil “” next to the appropriate page and adjust the setting from “Frame URL into Agent123 site” to “Edit this Page Manually”.
While in “Manage Pages”:

Locate the page titled “Featured Homes 2” This is a preformatted page you can rename anything you like. In order to make the page visible on left side navigation, put a checkmark in the box to the right of the page.

Next, Click the pencil next to “Featured Homes2” and change the title.

Make sure you leave setting on “Edit this Page Manually”

After adding the page to left-side navigation, click on the physical page you added to the left to open it for editing.

Click on the “Add new house” link.

After the page refreshes, you will see a new home module. Click on the “” to edit this home module.

To edit the home module do the following (numbers correspond to the image below)
1. Select the status of the listing: Active, Pending, In Escrow, Sold, or Off Market. (Note: Because this page is designed for ACTIVE listings only, adjusting the house status to anything else will cause your property info to vanish once update is clicked.)
2. Enter the details of the listing.
3. Click “Add a New Photo” to add up to 12 images. A larger version of the image thumbnail box will appear at the top of the page. Click the pencil directly above. Browse for your image. Click upload image. Resize photo if necessary. Click “Save” when done.

4. Enter a description of the listing.
5. Enter features of the listing.

Note: Click the button at the bottom of the page once you have entered all text and uploaded all images

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