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How to Set Up Your Client Testimonials

Download PDF file : how-to-setup-your-client-testimonials.pdf

How to Setup Your Client Testimonials

Note: Your pages may be titled differently depending on what you labeled them in the “Manage Pages” section. In order to edit these two pages, they must also be made visible, if they aren’t already. This is done in the dashboard section under “Manage Pages” by checking the box to right of the appropriate page.

Click on the “Testimonials” page in the navigation of your Agent Center.

Once the page refreshes you will see a page similar to the one below
Click on the “Add Testimonial” link to add a testimonial.

The “Add new testimonial” module will appear at the top of the list of testimonials. To add an image and text to the testimonial, click on the “” icon.

You will now be able to add text to your testimonial and upload an image by clicking on the “” icon (Uploading an image is not required.)

Once you have added text and uploaded an image, remember to click on the “Update” button to submit your changes.

Note: You may edit the order in which testimonials appear by clicking on the “” icon to move your testimonial up. Click the “” icon to move your testimonial down.

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