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How to Update Site Title, Descriptions, and Keywords

Download PDF file : how-to-update-site-title-description-and-keywords.pdf

How To Update Site Title, Description and Keywords

Click on “Site Settings” at the top of the Agent Center.

To edit the Site Title, Keywords and Description, scroll down below the Agent Photo and Company logo follow these steps:

Site Title: This is the Title of your site which will appear at the top of your browser window. Limit you site title to 40 characters or less.

Keywords: Located near the top, below the dashboard is the keywords section. Keywords are not displayed on your site, but give search engines an idea of what kind of content you have on your site. Separate each keyword with a comma. Include words such as real estate, homes, financing, and any other areas that you service.

Description: Describe your site in one sentence. i.e. “Bob Johnson for Los Angeles Real Estate.” The Description is also very important for search engines.

Marquee text: This is the flashing marquee which displays in the header of your site. Limit each line to 65 characters.

E-mail: Enter the email address(es) that you want all of your contact form leads to be sent to. All forms on your Agent123 site will be sent to this address. Test your contact form when finished to make sure the email will be sent correctly.

Click the button to submit your changes.

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