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How to be a ProActive Agent

Although IDX123 was originally designed to have a strong client-side, giving the client the ability to dynamically engage in your website found that clients have fully taken it upon themselves to engage. Being ProActive means signing your clients or potential clients up YOURSELF rather than leaving it up to them to search for homes and sign up to receive FREE EMAILED LISTINGS.

In order to be a ProActive Agent you need to get one important piece of information from your client, their Email Address. We know what you are thinking – “Yeah Right, asking people for their email is like asking for their social security or their life savings.” But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have found that the best way to get a piece of information like a person’s email is to give them something valuable for it. The value that you would be providing your client, or potential client, is in the FREE EMAILED LISTINGS.

Here are the steps to being a ProActive Agent.

Step 1

Go to your website and Click Home Search, Property Search, or the button that allows people to search for homes on your website.


Step 2

At the Main Property Search Page (*see figure below), click on the area that your client would like to live in.

*Hint* If your client would like to live in multiple areas then use the text links on the right and click “All Areas”.




Step 3

Once you’ve selected the area in which your client would like to live, you will come to the search criteria page for that area. (*see figure below)



On the Search Criteria page, choose the criteria that your client/ potential client is interested in. For example:

  • Property Type
  • City or Cities
  • Price Range
  • Beds
  • Baths
  • Minimum Square Feet
  • Garage or Other Amenities

Then click the button that says “Save this Search, then Show me Properties”.


Step 4

Once you clicked “Save this Search and Show Me Properties”, then you will be brought to the new user screen. (*see figure below)



In order to start your clients on the FREE EMAILED LISTINGS program you need to input the following information:

  • Your Client’s Email Address
  • Create Password – you have to create a password for the client.
    *Hint* We usually advise you to use the client’s First Name, because it’s easiest to remember, for you and for your clients.

    * Also, we feel it would be best to let your clients know what their email and password are so that they can experience the full value of your website.

  • First Name – the client’s first name
  • Last Name – the client’s last name
  • Phone – the client’s phone number

Step 5

The final step to signing your clients up and being a ProActive Agent is to name the search you are saving.(*see figure below)



Just like anything else you save on your computer, you need to create a name for the search you are saving. Once you have typed in a name for your search, click “Save Search and Show Properties”. This will then officially start the FREE EMAILED LISTINGS program and show all of the ACTIVE Listings per that client’s search criteria.

*Your clients will begin receiving their emailed listings the following morning.

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