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Realty Times iMarketing Package: Make it Work for You!

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What is the iMarketing Program?

The iMarketing Program is a way to advertise you as a local market expert to online prospects. To attract new prospects, all you need to do is submit brief opinions about your local housing market, which is published on a number of popular real estate Web sites including REALTOR.com®, Realty Times, MSN House & Home, Lycos Real Estate, Homeseekers.com, and all of our partner sites. Your name, photograph, contact information and links to your Web site will be shown alongside your opinions, so visitors can easily contact you.

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Where will my posts appear?

Even though you’ll only need to enter your opinions in one place, they will be featured on REALTOR.com, Homes.com, MSN House and Home, every page of Realty Times and on all of our partner sites.

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How many opinions can I post?

You can post opinions in up to five different areas. If you would like to post in more locations, please contact Realty Times for subscription information.

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How often can I update my opinions?

You may update your opinions as often as you’d like through your Realty Times control panel.

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In what order are the opinions listed in?

Opinions are listed with the most recent one at the top. When a new Opinion is submitted or an old one updated, that Opinion moves to the top of the list. To gain maximum exposure and maintain up-to-date reports, it is recommended that you update your Market Condition Opinions frequently.

Note: In order to maintain the freshness of data on the site, Realty Times will notify you to update your opinions and subsequently remove from circulation any MCRs that are have not been updated within the last 90 days. Users must login to the control panel and recreate any deleted opinions.

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Do I have to write only in the cities listed or can I add my own city?

If you do not see a city listed, it is because no agent has yet written about that location. However, if you choose to write about an unlisted area, we will add it to the list of cities and yours will be the first post.

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How do I add my city from the control panel?

Simply select your state from the list. After that a new location drop down list of cities appears. If your city isn’t listed, select “Other” from the drop-down menu. A new field populates where you will type in the name of your location.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours for your new location to be seen.

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How long can my opinion be?

There is no limit to the number of words; however, only the first few lines of text will be displayed on the City Summary page. Each summary report includes a “MORE” link at the end of each opinion summary. Prospects will be able to click here and read your entire opinion. Space on this page is unlimited.

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How do I delete an opinion that I have written?

Once you’ve logged into your Realty Times Control Panel, click on “Update Market Conditions opinion for (city name)”, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Delete Report.”

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Can I mention my listings?

Yes, if the information fits within the context of the Market Conditions.

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What should I say in my opinion?

You should give a description of the market. Include information such as price trends, mortgage rates, and if it is currently a buyer’s or seller’s market.

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