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Marketing Basics

Become Familiar with Your Web Site

Now that you’ve invested in a RealtyTech Premium Website, it’s time to get familiar with it. Navigate around like one of your visitors would. Sign up for your emailed listings if you have them. Look at every page. It’s a powerful tool that you need to know completely to take full advantage of. It’s like owning a new car, it won’t do much for you sitting in the garage, you need to drive it to have it provide value. In much the same way, you need to know and use your site for it to perform for you. After launch, strive to become the expert of your online business.

Update Your Web Site

Add customized content to your site and make it yours! Change the content on your pages and add links that are important to you. Give potential clients a reason to revisit your site. Make it a "one-stop," the one stop real estate resource for your home buyers and sellers. Let them know that you’re the expert on the living in your community, and when people begin their search to buy or sell, they should come to you. If you provide value and give them the information they need, you’ve made an important first step to building a relationship before you’ve even directly interacted with the potential client.

Market Your Web Site Everywhere!

Did you know that the average buyer and seller expects you to have a web site? The average buyers are 32 year old couples. These buyers know the internet and expect you to know it too. Nowadays it’s not enough to simply have a website, it must be unique and integrated into your entire marketing plan.

-Business Cards: Add your email address to your cards, better yet allow RealtyTech to redesign your cards with the look and feel of your site to add an extra degree of professionalism. Contact RealtyTech to learn more.

-Fax Cover Sheet: Make sure all your contact information is on everything that leaves your hand.

-Voice Mail Greeting: This is especially useful when prospects call you after-hours. Now they will be directed to your website to get more information!

-Business Letterhead: Again, add the colors and design of your website to your print material to maintain a universal look.

-For Sale Signs: Make your signs look like your site and add your website address prominently.

-Brochures, Flyers and Postcards: Rember to use that website color palette here too!

-Newspaper and Homes Magazines ads: You know what to do!

ANYWHERE you advertise, make sure your web site address is as prominently displayed as your phone number. Many times, people will want to visit your web site before they call you. Make sure your web site address is prminently displayed on your print, radio, television, and mailer ads. You’ve invested in one of the best Real Estate Websites in the world, be proud and show it off!

Email Marketing

Contact all of your current and past clients and prospects and get their email addresses. Input your clients contact information into your Contact Manager. Email all your clients on a regular basis. Email useful information such as:

-Just Sold

-Just Listed

-Open House


-New Listings

-News and trends

-Seasonal tips like gardening, weatherizing, or winter driving

-Community events like fundraisers, parades, or concerts

Develop an email signature. Include your slogan and all your contact information — phone numbers, mailing address, web site address, and email address. RealtyTech offers customized email signatures that incorporate your sites design, priced at $99.

Respond to Your Leads!

At a recent convention, the California Association of Realtors spokesperson said that the number one complaint from Consumers was that Real Estate Agents don’t follow up well with them. Check your email every 2-3 business hours. Time is everything on the Internet. You have a maximum of four hours to respond to a hot lead and if you don’t, that lead will turn to someone else, and you’ve lost an oppertunity.

Share Links with Others

Trade links with anyone you can whose website is relevant to the home buying or selling process. If you work with a particular mortgage broker, insurance agent, remodeler, or landscaper, ask for a link from their web site to yours, and place a link on your site to theirs. This is called reciprocal linking. Reciprocal linking can give you the edge in search engines by building Internet doorways to your website that will be used both by people and by web crawlers. It’s a long-term strategy that will benefit you over months and years, and not only improve the amount of traffic your web site gets, but the quality of traffic as well.

Internet Marketing

RealtyTech offers a wide variety of internet marketing programs to help you and your online business get more traffic. We use Pay-per-Click Internet Marketing Packages starting at $250 and just $99/month for short term search engine visibility, or other tactics like SEO and Social Networking to give you long term results. Check out the full list of RealtyTech Internet Marketing Services for more information.

Other Marketing

Check the online real estate section of your newspaper for potential advertising opportunities. Research other real estate sites you can advertise on by surfing the Internet. Take a look at the major events and organizations in your area. Many of them offer advertizing space on their web sites. Don’t forget to get a link on your local schools (become a sponsor!) or Chamber of Commerce web site.

Talk to your RealtyTech Virtual Assistant about iMarketing. With iMarketing you gain Exposure on Realtor.com, MSN HomeAdvisor, Yahoo!, Lycos Real Estate, Homeseekers.com, Realty Times and more! Buyers and sellers want to know what the market conditions are and now you can present yourself as an expert in up to 5 local markets.

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