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Troop Real Estate, Inc.

Brian Troop founded Troop Real Estate, Inc. in 1987 in Southern California with a vision: to build a business culture of accountability, professionalism and independence. He worked to build a real estate company that meets – and exceeds! – the most rigorous needs of all clients. Troop Real Estate, Inc. is a firm that’s grown on a strong basis of drive, energy and integrity. Troop Real Estate always works for the goal of 100 percent client satisfaction.


Real Estate Agent SEO That WORKS!

If you’re an agent or Realtor with Troop Real Estate, Inc. and you’re looking for a website that’s
a. Responsive to your needs
b. Powerful in generating leads
c. Easy to manage (add pages and content yourself)
d. Optimized expertly so that links to it show up high in search engine results

We create nothing but websites for real estate agents and we only perform real estate agent Internet marketing. We don’t create sites for other types of businesses; we don’t provide online marketing for other types of companies. We’re entirely focused on the needs of real estate professionals.

Beautiful and Brings Results: That Will be Your Agent Website

Our websites offer:

 Quick and easy integration with your IDX database.
 You have the ability to manage your new Troop Real Estate website’s content effortlessly. Our content management system is so easy to use, if you can work in Microsoft Word, you can add pages and content to your site.
 Easy optimization of any pages you add to your site. We will perform exceptional real estate agent SEO to your site, of course, but once it’s yours there will be no need to come to us – and pay us – for optimizing your new pages. You’ll be able to do so yourself.
 Customizable lead capture forms. Add these to your Troop Real Estate website and customize them to your needs, allowing you to get contact information of potential home sellers or buyers.

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