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Welcome to Agent123! Let’s Get Started!
A quick walk through.

With a little time and practice, you will be able to modify your site all you want, to best serve your needs, and the needs of your Clients.

Let’s Get Started! (Note: Please keep this page open or print this page to use while you are reviewing and updating your site. Make sure to turn off or set permissions for all your popup blockers while you edit the site. Antivirus software such at McAfee, Zone Alarm, Norton etc. will also cause interference.)

    If you’ve got this far, you have already logged on and changed your password. We HIGHLY suggest you write down your Login and New Password and also keep a copy on your computer in a Word, Excel, or Outlook Contact document for future reference. ClickHere to learn more.

  2. Click on Site Settings at the top of the page.

    • Upload your picture– It should be 113×141 in size or close to it. The image should weigh no more than 22k and be a JPEG or GIF. To learn more about how to Upload Your Picture click Here.
    • Upload Your Company’s Logo – How do you copy a logo into your site? It’s simple! Just go to your company site or another site that has the logo you want, mouse over top of the logo. Right click the logo and pick “Save Picture as” this will open up a little save window on your computer. Save the photo to your desktop or elsewhere that you’ll remember. Now go back to your Agent Center, Site Settings page and click the pencil icon to the right of Customize Company Logo. Then locate the logo image on your computer and upload it to your site. It’s done! To learn more about uploading an image click Here.
    • Edit your site title – that’s the title at the top of your browser that is displayed when you are on the home Page. A good site title would be something like: “Sally Smith Aptos San Jose Moutainview Real Estate Expert” Try to keep the title around 45 characters if possible. Note: Anytime you are on a specific page, you can modify the title of that page to correspond to the information provided on that page. For Example: If you are editing the Buyers Info, an apt title would be something like: “Real Estate Buyers Info from Jane Smith at Carpet Realty in Boston.
    • Enter Keywords and Descriptions – These are important to search engines. Starting with the default text, add your name and anything unique about you or your area. Example: John Smith, Real Estate Chicago Loft Specialist. Try to keep your limit of characters to around 250 for both keywords and descriptions.
    • Marquee – Enter up to five lines of text. Say something about yourself, your services, your areas. Let your personality come out!
    • E-Mail – Enter the email you want all your contacts to go to.
    • Choose Site Skin – Change skins, then pick a color palette that you like, this is the fun part! To learn more click Here.
    • Elsewhere on the page, look for the “pencil” icon. This will allow you to edit that corresponding item. It’s simple!
    • Update – Remember to click the “update_button” button after making all your changes! It’s located below the Email address.

  3. Click on the Manage Pages Link at the top of your Agent Center

    • Here you can edit the names of the link in the center section as well as turn pages on and off, even create new pages! The little arrows will move pages up in the navigation, or down according to what your needs are.
    • To edit a page click on the ‘Edit Page’ link or click on the link you want to edit in the actual left navigation. Your site will go to that page and go to the pencil icons “pencil” to make your changes.

  4. Editing Featured Homes, Sold Homes and Open Houses Pages: These are really beautiful pages. The great thing about them is that you can upload up to twelve photos on each page. Then glide your pointer over the thumbnails and the main image changes to that thumbnail. Very clean, no popup are created.
    Try to have the home photos in the correct size of 280 x210 and no bigger than 10k if possible. The Photo Editor will launch if the photo needs to be made smaller in area. To learn more about how to setup you Manual Featured Home, Sold Homes, or Open House pages click Here.

  5. Edit Thank You Page:
    Simply edit as necessary and include any personalized information you’d like to convey. Click Here to learn how.

  6. Manage Contacts:
    You can add contacts, cut and paste them into Excel or copy them over to your current Contact Management System like Outlook, Act, Top Producer or Goldmine. Click Here to learn more.

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