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Real Estate Internet Marketing SEO

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Real Estate Marketing for Agents, Brokers, & Agencies

RealtyTech Inc. offers Custom SEO programs to drive more people to your website to contact you for their
real estate needs, and close more deals.

What is SEO for Real Estate?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is powerful Internet Marketing by building your website with the proper Content, Coding principles, and Meta-Tags for Google to search the site, and rank it highly for the market areas and type of real estate business services you offer.

RealtyTech employs the latest cutting-edge techniques to facilitate a successful result for your website. A highly ranked website for your area and services will guarantee your site will be receiving visitors, inquiries and phone calls from prospective Buyers and Sellers in your area.

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What are the Key Factors in the Success of a Real Estate SEO Program?

Code and Meta-Tags

The code and meta-tags of the site are the way it is built and the way it is displayed on the internet. They also contribute to how the site is found and respected by the search engines. Using the proper approved principles of white hat coding will provide a Realtor with an amazing site that will generate traffic, calls and closings. Coding requirements change over time, so the engineers at RealtyTech monitor these changes and respond as needed.


Google LOVES unique, informative, valuable Content! Content is the King of SEO. There are no real tricks to the content. Content should be targeted to your market and services. It needs to be written in the manner both Google and Consumers need. At RealtyTech, can provide custom content for our valued SEO Clients.

How Long Does SEO Take to Succeed?

Google Recently Answered This: If the site is properly created and engineered, and if the content on
the site is of high quality and worthwhile for visitors, this will happen:

  • Within four hours Google will rank new content with their AI program. The content will move up on the search engines
  • Within the following thirteen weeks, a human at Google will visit the new page and give it their own ranking, these two rankings will move the content up further in the search results.
  • Within the next thirty-five weeks, the piece of content will have it’s last and best ranking.

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Rank High in Google's Search Engine

So, we all know SEO can take three to eight months to get a solid and valuable ranking for a new piece of content. This means Clients that opt for SEO marketing know they must be patient with the process.But, once the rankings start to come in, the results can be spectacular! Traffic, Visitors, Leads and Business all go up a great deal. This also shows that SEO is a major commitment of both time and money for our SEO Clients. We respect their investment in the programs and their trust in us to get this to succeed.Contact an SEO Expert at RealtyTech for More Information Today! 805.413.7888

Real Estate Blog & Informational Articles:

RealtyTech has partnered with real estate news companies and will offer their professional articles on real estate live on your website.
These articles will be timely, informative, and engaging for your visitors, be they on your website blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter
accounts. Topics will Include:

Your Own Articles and Information:


Yes! You can still post whatever you want whenever you want to your Blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Just post your first article to your

blog, then click on the ‘Share’ buttons on the page to auto-post them to your other Social Media, it’s that simple!

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