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Client Testimonials


RealtyTech is a premier real estate site designer. Once I hired them to build my website, unlike so many website designers who slap together a one-purpose for all click and build type of site, the designers at RealtyTech spoke with me to find out what my specific needs and targets would be from my website. And the key talent that they have is that they listened carefully, deigned and made adjustments as a partner in creating a useful, vibrant website. Don’t waste your time searching the myriad’s of sub-par companies. Save time and call them!


– fred herrman


As a successful realtor of 14 years who worked strictly from referrals, the time came to enter the 21st century with my own website. I labored over this decision for a couple of years not knowing anything about website design and knowing that I wanted my finished product to be outstanding if I were to proceed. How to choose who to use? I went to the National Real Estate convention show floor for the sole purpose of meeting each vendor who specializes in real estate websites. At the end of two days of interviewing and looking at different sites, the decision to engage RealtyTech was clear to me. Richard and his staff are set the standard for industry knowledge.

As a client, and something that is critical to me, they are extremely accessible. They do not design your site and say goodbye. They oversee and continue to improve the product you have created together. My experience has been that the website they built is used as a tool to “vet me” prior to contacting me regarding listings.

My clients use the site to shop for their properties. It is highly effective in listing presentations to show a commitment to my profession and I attribute all of its success to RealtyTech. I hope this saves an agent in another market a few steps in the process of choosing who to partner with for your online presence. The pricing is in line with the competition, but the final product is far superior and the post site design analytics and work for placement in the vast sea of the World Wide Web is unrivaled. Just ask Richard his professional background and you will be most impressed!


– Amy Jackson Smith


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how impressed we are with the outcome of our new website and how thrilled we are with the results! After being a RealtyTech customer for nearly 7 years and also having another website with one of your largest competitors, I’m so happy that you took the time to show us how your company would offer us the solution that we were looking for. You and your team helped us develop a strategy that we very specifically wanted. You took the time to hear what we wanted to offer our consumers and you created a lean, mean, lead-generation machine!

Not only is the site aesthetically appealing and user friendly, it is giving us the return that you promised. In simply a matter of 60 days, we have closed two transactions as a direct result from your SEO program and 3 more are in escrow. Well worth the investment! Our challenge… keeping up with the leads that the site generates!

I can honestly say that with technology influencing our success in real estate as much as it does, your Internet & web solutions were exactly what we (and our consumers) needed. It’s simple. It’s affordable. It’s user-friendly. And it works! Thanks so much for everything!


– Emily Link


For months I was searching for a company that could handle our Website needs. After going through the maze of many vendors, and trying a few, I was fortunate enough to find RealtyTech.

What I noticed at the onset was their excellent customer service. When I first spoke with Lance Grove the account executive, among other things, he mentioned that the phones will always be answered – no voice message – an actual live person. Being a skeptic I did try more than once and low and behold his words were correct. Another shocker – they return my calls! Unless you are a software engineer, which is undoubtedly a whole other world to most, having an individual the likes of (Lance Grove) taking the time to explain in great detail any questions I have asked and continue to do so – is something I had not experienced in the past.

From the start Lance and his team have continued to be patient, courteous and very knowledgeable about the real estate industry, which in my opinion is a plus for any real estate agent.


– Federico F.


I came across with RealtyTech through a business colleague. I used RealtyTech to create a combination real estate and mortgage website – the end result is a fantastic looking website that was built fast and cost effective. I appreciate mostly the fact that Website Builder Alex worked with me in real time to customize site to my liking – making edits right on the spot while giving his suggestions on how to make things better/efficient.

Finished product is a modern professional website I proudly direct future prospects/clients to. Received great personalized service with website building and now hosting service so I would recommend to Realtors needing a good web presence.


– Emmanuel Njoku


Thanks for working so diligently on MLS/IDX issues! If you aren’t using RealtyTech’s IDX you’re missing their great responsiveness to issues as a company that crop up with MLS changes that out of state, or bigger companies and our new MLS can’t begin to beat! Now how RealtyTech compares to what the new MLS system auto emails look and act like PLEASE share if you know. But I DO know how our MLS and RealtyTech’s responsiveness to issues, availability, and calls backs compare and RT wins 🙂 Thanks for all you do!!!


- Renée Page


Realty Tech . . . What a great team of professionals you are! Anytime I call, no matter who I speak with, you take the time to provide outstanding service. Your expertise is always a step ahead. Thank you for my website and your ongoing support


– Abi Swisher


I just reviewed my last year’s numbers and 63% of my income came from internet leads! If I would not have had those buyers, I would be broke. Check out the comment below regarding my site. I get this kind of remark all the time… Todd, Your website is amazingly user friendly with such great functions! It’s the best I’ve come across, so far. Kudos to your web designer. Thank you!


– Todd Jones


I just wanted to report that I got another great call off of my website….a lady called from Brentwood wanting to buy beach property $1,000,000 to $1,500,000. I’m showing her property next Tuesday so RealtyTech is certainly doing an outstanding job! Anyways, thanks for talking me into spending more money on my website. Cheers, Arlene


– Arlene Beckwith


WOW!!! Just look at the results of your changes on my site!! Over 5000 hits in May and 25 NEW sign-ups ( as compared to 4100 hits in April and only 5 sign-ups.) I was sooooo wrong and you guys were sooooooo right. In this case, I love being wrong. Can you prove me wrong some more. Seriously—thank you so much for your constant hard work. I really do appreciate it


– Dana Frank

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