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IDX Broker ™ Lite & Platinum Comparison

IDX Broker ™ Lite offers the essential features and functionality your clients need to start their home search. IDX Broker ™ Platinum includes the features of Lite plus map search widgets, powerful lead capture settings, social logins and more – helping your website stand out in a competitive marketplace.


IDX Broker ™ Lite

IDX Broker ™ Platinum


Starting at

Starting at

Market Reports

Showcase Local Expertise with Market Reports

  • Market Reports offer monthly overviews of the real estate industry at a local level
  • My Listings Manager leverages Market Reports to their fullest extent
  • Add Sold Data to include up-to-date list and sold prices
  • Boost SEO and create more opportunities for visitor to lead conversion


Essential Plug & Play Widgets

  • Agent-Specific Featured Listings Showcase (for Team/Office accounts)
  • Save and Manage All Widgets
  • Edit Existing Widgets whenever you need to
  • More Out-Of-The-Box Widgets

Custom Widgets for a Competitive Edge

  • Map Search widget you can place on your website
  • My Listing Manager Signup Form
  • Map-Based Polygon Widget Generator for creating custom showcase and slideshow widgets

Map Functionality

Unlimited Map results, customizable Map Search

  • Map Search automatically displays your website branding
  • Display the maximum number of listings available via any Map Search page.
  • Build an unlimited number of custom link Map Search results pages
  • Customize your core Map Search page, with full control over page wrapper, CSS, and subheader content
  • "Fly to" functionality to send your visitors to a specific city, county, or postal code
  • Add maps to all of your results pages, automatically
  • Customize your detail pages with Walk Score and Street View
  • And much more...

Home Atlas Results Template, Dynamic Polygon, Clustering and Agent Bio Page Maps

Includes all the features of Lite, Plus:

  • Display “portal-style” listing search results alongside an interactive map!
  • Build custom links using polygon and radius map search tools.
  • Show all of the listings for a particular area by leveraging pin clustering and spiderfy technology to view all of the listings for a specific Condo or Building.
  • Bio Page Maps (Team/Office Level only)

Leads and Lead Capture

Powerful Lead Management + Page Type Capture Controls

  • Capture leads from any page type including Search, Maps, Listing ID, Results, Details, and Photo Gallery

Lead Import/Export + Page Level Capture Controls

  • Import and export your leads
  • Managed saved exports
  • Page level lead capture
  • Control lead capture at the page level, including Saved Search pages
  • Guarantee simple and authentic lead capture with Social Media Logins

Team/Office Features

Key Office Needs

  • Manual lead assignment with auto-email notification to the agent
  • Lead routing by core fields, round robin, or round-robin+ core fields
  • Manage Bio details

And More That You Want

Includes all the features of Lite, Plus:

  • Automatically Import Agents from your MLS feed
  • Manage your Roster page
  • Include Maps on Agent Bio pages
  • Manage Agent export and import

Email Customization

Email Controls and Customization

  • Send yourself a test email update to confirm branding and quality
  • Add your office, admin, or CRM email address as a CC or BCC on all lead notifications (multi-user accounts only)
  • Customize email - update subheaders, wrapper, and CSS

Advanced Settings, Such As...

  • Customize the email signature shown in your leads' property update emails
  • Direct Contact, More Info, Home Valuation, and Schedule a Showing page contacts to a unique email address

Saved Searches (Custom Links)

Standard Saved Search Controls

Create predefined saved search links using your:

  • Advanced Search page
  • Address Search page
  • Basic Search page
  • Email Update Search page
  • Listing ID Search page
  • Map Search page
  • And even by custom editing the URL of any search page

Validate your search links at any time with our built-in link validation tool

More powerful saved link functionality

Includes all the features of Lite, Plus:

  • The ability to build custom links using Polygon Search tools (Map Search)
  • Add a unique wrapper to any of your saved links
  • Customize the CSS for any of your saved links
  • Add a unique subheader to any saved links
  • View saved link details via expando

API Functionality (Advanced)

Base-level API call limit

  • API call limit set to 300 calls per hour

Validate your search links at any time with our built-in link validation tool

API call limit expanded

  • API call limit expanded to 500 calls per hour

Search Page Settings

Core Search Page Controls

Page type lead registration settings:

  • Map Search
  • Basic Search
  • Advanced Search - all the MLS-specific fields
  • Street Address
  • MLS Listing Number
  • Request and/or force registration on all Search Form pages, Map Search, Results pages, Details pages, and Photo Gallery
  • Advanced search field and details page customization and controls
  • Apply custom or default city, county and postal code search lists
  • Add school and market data to your detail pages

More Page Level controls...

Includes all the features of Lite, Plus:

  • Page Level lead registration settings
  • Create a new search page
  • Search page settings and layout
  • Establish a default MLS at the page level

MLS Settings and Controls

Limited IDX Field Label Control

  • Change the name of your MLS

Advanced MLS Feed Customization

  • Change the name of your MLS, AND...
  • Remove Under Contract, Pending, or any other listings that you feel may confuse your clients
  • Rename MLS property types if the MLS-provided name is not descriptive enough
  • Rename core fields such as bed, bath, acres, etc.
  • Rename IDX feed-specific "Advanced" fields such area (to "City", for example), subdivision, etc.

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