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How to View / Manage Your Site Leads

After you log in to your Agent Center:

Click on “Contacts” located at the top of the window in the dashboard section.

Your “Contacts” page will contain a table displaying all users that have filled out a form on your site.

The “Contacts” tab will also allow you to log into your IDX123 admin to check on property search leads if it is part of your package. It’s located at the bottom of the page under “Sign in”.


The table shown below will display Name, Phone, Email address, Comments, Street Address, City, Zip and the date that the form was submitted. Note: Email address is the only required field, all other fields may or may not contain information due to the voluntary nature of the form.


– Click the “pencil” to edit any information contained with a Contact.
– Click the “blue_x” to completely delete a Contact.
– To export a Contact to Microsoft Excel, click the checkbox for that contact and then click the “excelicon.
(Note: Excel will not be able to separate the client information into columns or sections. You will need to make necessary adjustments within the program itself to do this.)

– To export a Contact to Microsoft Outlook, click on the “outlook” icon.

If the client provided you with all their contact data, you can manually add a Contact to your database by clicking the “Add Contact” link at the bottom left on the “Contacts” table.


After you have entered all information for your new contact, click the “check” icon to submit.

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