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Online Marketing

Search Engine Online Marketing for Agents & Brokers

When You are Serious About Marketing: RealtyTech Will Provide Serious Results

P.T. Barnum once said, “Without Promotion, Something Terrible Happens: Nothing!” That advice was never as appropriate as it is for today’s Real Estate Agents and Companies. Simply having a web presence doesn’t mean much if you are not going to promote it.

RealtyTech has been driving traffic and online leads to our Internet Marketing Clients since 2002. RealtyTech Inc. has partnered with online traffic giant: GOiMarketing.com to provide sophisticated geo-targeted online marketing for our Clients. These are Clients willing to invest the time and money required to drive serious traffic and garner promising leads from their websites.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves an extensive setup phase to get started, then personalized monthly updates by one of our Search Engine Marketing Engineers to build and expand the success of your program. We are constantly fine-tuning the program to meet the ever-changing requirements of standard Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. RealtyTech Live Internet Marketing programs require a two year commitment and take between three and six months to reach the required results.

Our Methodology:

  • Client Interview – Initial Consultation is necessary to understand your needs and goals for online success. A key factor lies in discovering your geo-target areas.
  • Keyword Analysis and Optimization – We compile a list of relevant keyword phrases that are most searched by your potential customers. This research allows us to target the right keywords that will actually drive customers that are looking to buy and sell in your geo-target areas to your website.
  • Content Creation and Targeting – Using the best keywords for your website, we will modify the content to include important keyword phrases in the right places such as the Meta tags, Header Tags, Link URLS, Alt text, etc. This allows search engines to find your site for your selected keywords based on your geo-target areas and the services you provide. We will also monitor keyword-related searches and make recommendations for additional topics to include on your website to increase traffic as the program progresses month by month.
  • Goals and Metrics – Traffic to your website is directly monitored, as we pay close attention to where the traffic is coming from and which keywords are bringing people to your website. We are able to analyze the most effective and relevant keywords that generate leads or sales and adjust our search engine optimization tactics to focus on the most productive keywords.
  • Marketing Toolkit – These are additional services and proprietary software employed to drive more leads directly to you.
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