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Park Regency Realty

Joe Alexander founded Park Regency Realty in 1977 in the San Fernando Valley and has had its headquarters in Granada Hills for more than 20 years. Joe founded Park Regency with the idea that if one made a full commitment to customer service via professionalism and a high set of ethics, then clients would come and Park Regency would grow and prosper. Park Regency has grown into one of the top 15 real estate companies in the Los Angeles area, with more than 110 agents serving Angelenos with their home buying and selling needs. For several years Park Regency has the distinction of closing the most transactions of any single office brokerage in the Los Angeles area. This is possible through Joe Alexander’s amazing community spirit with his agents and their active goal setting and followup. They also have a great dedication to service of their Clients and Customers in the real estate industry.

Park Regency Realty has grown to be one of the top 15 real estate companies in the Los Angeles area, with more than 110 full time agents and growing.RealtyTech Inc. has been employed by Park Regency for over ten years providing websites IDX and marketing for most of their agents and the office itself.


Real Estate Agent Internet Marketing for Park Regency Realty Professionals

Purchase an agent website from us and you’ll discover:

• How easy it is to manage your website yourself. Our websites come with a content management system that’s as easy to use as Microsoft Word. If you can figure out Word, you can figure out the “inside” of your website.
• A fully site that’s been fully optimized with real estate agent SEO strategies so that links to your site will appear at the top of search engine results when your potential home buyers or sellers search online for realty services in your area.

Agent Internet Marketing Done Right

Decide that one of our agent websites is right for your Park Regency Realty business and you’ll receive:

 A site that integrates smoothly and quickly with your IDX files.
 More than 60 site templates to choose from.
 Lead capture forms that you can customize yourself to fit your needs.
 Fully optimized pages that will help your site rank high in search engine results. What’s more, when you add pages and/or listings your site, you’ll be able to add keywords yourself to the new page so that the page enjoys high-caliber real estate agent SEO.

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